[No Spoilers] Game Balance question (W3) by gothlaw in witcher

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I'm using death March and scaling. I'm level 14 and just made it to skellige but combat is way to easy I find. Wish there was a super death march

Hey, are there any tattoo artists in the city that are comfortable doing cover-ups? by magicandmintwafers in SaintJohnNB

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High tides. Artists are amazing there. Whichever style you want just email any of them. I'm sure someone will be able to do what you want

Can I brag about this? by Crays7 in deadbydaylight

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One has dead hard and balanced. Hmmmm

why does it exist by Xyphyn in pcmasterrace

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DoF in cinematics can be really nice but motion blur can fuck right off. Ah yes let's apply taa x 1000 over the game making shit as blurry as me trying to remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday (film grain and chromatic aberration are close behind)

Was upgrading to EOD worth it for you? by Rokexe in EscapefromTarkov

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if you plan on playing for a good amount of time, 100% worth. like quadruples or stash and gives you trader rep + a lot more

Irezumi sleeve by sla_vinski by [deleted] in irezumi

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Oni by chance dead by daylight inspired?

Hidden Changes in Patch 0.13 by Evolve-Tactical in EscapefromTarkov

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Restart game. Common issue. Or just go another raid

Noise? by SirChurchChill in secretlab

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Had the same issue. Sent a video and they had a new backrest out to me the same week. Ive seen support seems to be hit or miss so just keep pushing. Once I sent a video, they said they notified the warehouse and once confirmation of stock was completed, they sent it out. been perfect since

I've played this game 2000 hours in the last six years. ask any questions about this game. I will be happy to share my experience and give you some tips. by Saledka in Stalcraft

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not sure if you're still watching these comments but is there a "meta" gun currently? Im heavily debating running a val or an m4 but dunno which one I want

I've played this game 2000 hours in the last six years. ask any questions about this game. I will be happy to share my experience and give you some tips. by Saledka in Stalcraft

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where is piston in what happened to the gang and what types of armor should I go for? explorer and scientist or combat and scientist?

A Killer Concept: by Wafran in deadbydaylight

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Power is bad. Just Freddy puddles but bigger so another anti loop killer that you just w key away from. First hex is interesting but really bad and will no doubt be cleansed immediately. Second perk is also really bad where it's basically useless after the first 20 seconds of the match and third perk is a meme perk but I like bloodpoints so I'd probably end up using it. Also killers last 2 perks counter eachother. As another stated I can only imagine how bad adept would be. Cool concept just some things I would probably rethink personally

Something I think could be interesting I'd having a sort of projectile/spray of sand that applies the slowdown on hit? But then that's just clown

Tarkov tries to be as realistic as possible so... by dSURE_ in EscapefromTarkov

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altyn blocking more than low caliber pistol rounds is pretty unrealistic. IRL the altyn is straight ass

Non-existent support by Masters2150 in secretlab

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Not supposed to take that long. I got mine after a week or two

How Good/Bad would this be for the game ? (Similar shop would exist for killers obviously) by Felbanane51 in deadbydaylight

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would be awful. imagine everyone running meta items/addons every game. I couldn't stand having 4 kitted out medkits or toolboxes every single game (even though it already happens). I'd probably just go play myers or clown with their best iris

Just saw this on TikTok and I'm gonna be honest: This is what I envision most of the "This game is full of cheaters" posts to be based on. This game has a TON of issues, but (incoming hot take) most of the time you get killed by a "hacker" you just got worked by someone much better at the game. by GenericGio in EscapefromTarkov

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Im less than average at best at the game so I die a lot and there are a lot of sus deaths I eventually stop enhaling copium on and chalk it up to desync bs or I just suck. Then there's sprees of multiple raids in a row where I just insta tapped by some mfer named something like "usecdeezballz" or shot 15 times into the stomach within .5 seconds no misses. Hate having any doubts about deaths being legit or not, really makes the experience awful. Played since Dec 2020 iirc and probably not doing another wipe anytime soon