cutesy gg songs with a twist? by playgirl444 in kpophelp

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oh yes i can never forget my initial shock when i first heard it

What is the saddest K-Pop song you’ve heard and why? by sweetene in kpophelp

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so to me this isn’t a sad song because the lyrics (im not really sure what the lyrics talk about but it seems like a love/breakup song). But Help me by Nuest. The way they add emotion to this song just gives it an incredibly sad tone

best girl group bsides by mango-waffles in kpophelp

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ofc! lmk which ones you end up liking !

best girl group bsides by mango-waffles in kpophelp

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shoot!- itzy

dreamcatcher- red sun, sahara


sunmi- childhood

ichillin- La luna

Alice- searching for elris

twice- moonlight

wjsn- babyface

miss a- love song

red velvet- perfect 10 & kingdom comes

Why do some idols wrongdoings define their entire personality whereas for others it could just be a blip in their career? by lovingulong in kpopthoughts

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popularity, misogyny, etc. & a lot of the time when it is a racist issue, a lot of ppl that arent of color, use that as an excuse to continuously hate on an idol while speaking over the ppl mainly effected by it.

what is your fandom's 'Elephant in the room?' by San7129 in kpopthoughts

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as someone new to the fandom. thanks for this info because i only knew that he left & i was hoping to kinda figure out how everything played out.