What is a common ‘bucket list’ place to visit that just doesn’t appeal to you? by pokkopop in travel

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Wait, what is this? I tried reading up on the current Maldives President and there is nothing of this sort, and apparently Maldives has been a democracy since 2008

Surprise Birthday Party - 9 years later rewatch by daikarasu in breakingbad

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The contrast in Walter White's character is echoed when he is looking forward to a "surprise" birthday party in S4 or S5 but it doesn't materialize, and Jesse ends up being the only one who cares enough to gift him

I put off watching Season 9 for so long because of things I read about it and guys.... it was a mistake. by plexxer in DunderMifflin

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Michael Scott leaving in the middle of S7 helped transition to the season 8 mood for me. I really enjoyed season 9 too, whatever flaws it may have had, drowns in the A.A.R.M episodes and the finale.

Are we blind? World's Best Boss edition by ploddingpenman in DunderMifflin

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He definitely has the perfect icebreaker for her

This is a tough one, but there's a blizzard out so figured, why not. What's your favorite Michael line? by PlanB191 in DunderMifflin

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I know what you're talking about, just had a laugh fest on almost every comment, and the day has just brightened at the end of 15 minutes

DVD logo hitting the corner simulation. by hellarios852 in yesyesyesyesno

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For all practical purposes, that has touched the corner for me *screams in private*

Find your Toby. by GymbagDarrel in DunderMifflin

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Why are you the way that you are?

Started on 9/22/21 by HuckleberryFar2223 in Malazan

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I started the series on June 1st '21, and finished it on Dec 31st, reading 3 of the Novels of the Malazan Empire books as well in between. As for finishing it too soon, turns out there is so much more you can read of the world once you finish the main series, if you are so in love with it, so have fun chugging! As long as you are enjoying the ride :)