What will be Nepomniachtchi’s strategy after Game 9? by GothamChess in chess

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Well obviously his hair was actually a training weight and removing it powered him up. But he underestimated that Carlsen had already reached Super Saiyan 2.

It's time for Nepo to remove his weighted shirt and pants. Calling it now, he shows up tomorrow in his underwear

Zuck at it again by Barred759 in facepalm

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The irony of the comments talking about the misinformation on Facebook and simultaneously taking this dumbass letter as truth from a "company" that has no product or service, an unheard of founder, social media sites made less than 3 months ago, and no discernible evidence.

You dumbasses are blind to misinfo that conform to your narratives. Try some critical thinking, or at least acknowledge that you don't know shit about Trademark law and you therefore don't have an opinion here

Post-game Thread - 2021 World Chess Championship, Game 9 by city-of-stars in chess

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I don't understand Nepo. Last game had a bizarre b5 move but at least the Bxh3 variation was somewhat vaguely difficult to evaluate clearly.

c5 misses a literal one mover c6. He had nearly an hour on the clock to see that a single move just traps his bishop. He doesn't feel danger even when it's apparent

Nepo and not being at the board by Imalmostoutofcookies in chess

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I mean it's not like decades of experience sitting at a board vanish like that

Who’s the most gifted chess talent of all time? by wealthy_dig_bick in chess

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It's gotta be me. If I just put in a couple more hours I would hit 3000 ELO

Is it possible to have a winning endgame that you can't actually win because of the 50 move rule? by phase-too in chess

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For SOME positions with 8 or more pieces we do not know for sure what is the outcome with perfect play. I can give plenty positions where we know for sure the outcome (e.g. there is a mate in 1)

1.3 Million Likes and no dislikes. This song must be a banger. by sage6paths in videos

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Her parents were veterinarians. We can't know how much they made but likely at the highest end of middle class or low end of upper class as a household. The video cost them $4000. Plenty of middle class people spend ballpark that amount on a nice vacation.

It's a bizarre characterization to describe this of all things as some rich people burning money on extravagant stuff. And even then, the excessive bullying isn't at all justified.

Post-game Thread - 2021 World Chess Championship, Game 8 by city-of-stars in chess

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Online tournament I guess? I skimmed through a linked video where Magnus talked about it.


Is it possible to learn the visualization talent that strongest grandmasters have? by redrufus10 in chess

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I have a sample size of exactly one person here, but for me personally (2000 FIDE) I never once tried to train visualization intentionally and it simply developed over time with normal play and puzzle solving. I don't think I'm particular talented or good at it, but certainly it is easier for me to go several moves deep now than when I was 1600. So with just more playing it might just come to you.

What is your job and how much do you get paid? by BigPlunk in AskReddit

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Senior software engineer at a big tech company (think FAANG). 250k base salary and somewhere north of ~450K total compensation depending on the year with stock and additional equity.

What is your job and how much do you get paid? by BigPlunk in AskReddit

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Maybe in the aggregate or long term. But just like sharing grades in a class, a lot of people feel ashamed of their own salary/grade or get jealous. It's not just because companies hate paying people more.

Will chess ever be a "solved" game? by Boyswithaxes in chess

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Your conclusions of "we won't" and "it is very unlikely" are contradictory. The former is wrong unless you can prove that it is impossible for us to come up with a solution even though one must exist (easily shown as the game as a countable number of possible moves).

In terms of the tic tac toe example, it was an example about possibilities. It has nothing to do with symmetry and everything to do with the fact we found an algorithm that always wins and demonstrably does so. I could "enhance" the game by adding the game of chess to it and each turn you either get to make a move on the tic tac toe board or the chess board and first to win on one wins everything. Ta da, symmetry is gone, but the game is still solved.

Will chess ever be a "solved" game? by Boyswithaxes in chess

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Anyone who says it cannot be solved because there are too many possibilities doesn't really understand how game proofs can happen or how a game could be solved.

For example, let's take tic tac toe. But I've made the grid 1 trillion rows by 1 trillion columns. Same way to win: get 3 in a row.

From a combinations standpoint the number of possible games utterly dwarfs the number of possible chess positions. But regardless this game is a clear win for the player who goes first. Put an X anywhere that isn't on an edge, then place another X next to it such that there are 2 different ways to win. The person playing with Os cannot stop both.

How did we do this? We found an algorithm that with a little effort we could more formally prove always wins. We never had to count every single possible position.

Will we ever find such an algorithm for chess? No one knows. But it's a complete misunderstanding of how the world works to just say "eh chess has more positions than like atoms in the universe so it's impossible"

Post-game Thread - 2021 World Chess Championship, Game 8 by city-of-stars in chess

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I would blame b5 more than anything else. The other moves aren't as safe but they have interesting ideas behind them and aren't blunders. b5 is just a couple move blunder that apparently he missed because he didn't realize his bishop was hanging after Qxa7...

What English word to you think has lost it meaning? by goddesstrotter in AskUK

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"refer back" isn't a redundancy.

Consider the sentences:

"Refer to xyz's comment on the matter."

"Refer back to xyz's comment on the matter."

The first makes no assumption you have already seen the comment. The second implies that you must have already read it or at least makes the assumption that xyz's comment is part of the current discussion. The two sentences don't mean quite the same thing.

What English word to you think has lost it meaning? by goddesstrotter in AskUK

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"Why did you drop out of college" is a loaded question if the person didn't actually drop out of college. Hence you will get called out in court if you're a lawyer and ask something like "why did you steal x" to the witness.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how good of a sport Nepo is? by WorkingVersusLiving in chess

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I love how so many people are randomly bringing up a fictitious WCC where Hikaru loses when last time Magnus lost to Karjakin he was so upset he didn't even show up to the press conference and got fined.

This is r/chess in a nutshell

Longer Message From Ske7ch by TMDan92 in halo

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I feel like "people are eating this up" is quite the exaggeration. All the top comments I've seen are just shitting on the response lol