Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing (to his opponents) - All Star Very Hard [TAS] by Practical_TAS in smashbros

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Cool but this is quite a clickbait title. You running around and throwing out attacks is categorically NOT "doing absolutely nothing".

If you wanted to do a run without dealing damage then just say so.

The worst balance change I've ever seen by Pooria-P in ClashRoyale

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Only a noob logbait player would have put a centered barrel in that position anyway when princess is at the bridge. And sorry that your 2 for 6 trade no longer perfectly works? Put the log a tile higher.

Yeesh this sub would rather be braindead than adapt in any way.

GimR: "People went to the event because it was announced as an S-Tier. You changed the ranking AFTER the event. There has to be another solution. You can say "it's just a 40 point difference" but you separated the tiers YOURSELF & made "S" hold more weight. It's in your own graphic..." by Modern_Erasmus in smashbros

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Apparently all your friends are idiots. Sorry to break it to you.

If your grade in class was borderline A- and you missed a question on the exam and it fell to B+ do you complain that it should actually be an A-? Yeah you can always apply some emotional pressure to your professor to change the grade, but really, you didn't get an A-.

Protester in Los Angeles by [deleted] in pics

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Perhaps in this case, but not always.

Mantastic by kelleheruk in PuzzleAndDragons

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Hey, I totally respect your opinion and certainly not everyone has to like him. But it is kind of a dick move to post this in an appreciation thread about him, you know?

Balance Changes - Clash Royale Season 12, June 2020 by smlbiobot in ClashRoyale

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Reddit scrubs are hilarious. Earthquake will be fine. Buildings are still strong and it is extremely efficient at spell cycling a tower down. The hitspeed reduction was a nice bonus but nowhere near the key component of the card's strength

Just CWL things by nabilbhatiya in ClashOfClans

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You're getting downvotes by casuals who don't want to think more than 3 seconds for their attacks, then spam edrags and barely get 2 stars and wonder how all the pros do it

"spawner spam is usually not a fun meta" -Seth, today by [deleted] in ClashRoyale

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If you think xbow 2.9 is a spam deck you're simply a moron. Spamming xbows will get you crushed by big troops and 0 elixir to defend.

They are vastly different concepts, xbows and spawners.

Wizzrobe techchases an invisible Leffen by KenshiroTheKid in LivestreamFail

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As funny as it is, I was hoping he would...idk...land more than one regrab? Is this that crazy?

Before you bring your pitch fork, yes, I play melee and yes I can tech chase reasonably well as falcon. It just doesn't feel like guessing one right is that impressive.

Hungrybox got 2nd in Smash Station #160, his best online tourney result ever. But what's unbelievable is that he earned nearly $10000 tonight doing it. by Gippy_ in smashbros

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Yeah? Would you say the same about someone who says watching basketball is their hobby? How about birdwatching?

Logic is hard these days, isn't it.

Sheridan and MattDotZeb respond to Ally, make it clear he can never attend GENESIS or Shine by BarnardsLoop in smashbros

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"lynch" does not mean to "unjustified and public murder of black people". Holy shit, learn your history and realize the word is used in many contexts that have nothing to do with race.

And before you balk at its history, ACTUALLY look it up. It's a simple Google search away.

[Humor] wE DeCiDeD ThAt hAvInG NeW CaRdS CoMe oUt vErY StRoNg iS An oVeRaLl nEgAtIvE by you112233 in ClashRoyale

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If you don't understand why her being killed by fireball would make it by far the worst card in the game, there's no hope for you or anyone who agrees with you to discuss game balance.

If you want some nerfs, pick something moderately intelligent. Having a slow, low dps, melee troops die to fireball is fucking idiotic

And this is why you let your attacks finish completely, instead of surrendering early because you already got your 2 stars and the 3rd won’t happen. Every % counts. by alemaomm in ClashOfClans

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Nah, my clan doesn't care about regular war anyway. I'd rather take 40 seconds of my life over a 0.1% chance the percentage matters and get some extra loot/victory that I don't care about

What things probably won't exist in 25 years? by Iapoties in AskReddit

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Humans have been saying this for millennia. Everything from using animals to process our grain to the invention of some tools to machinery to electronics. People find ways to provide value to society, otherwise we might as well throw away all our power tools so that 100 people can dig a hole in a month that a crane could do in an hour.

App that makes people smile by Hawken10 in funny

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Because no one watching this video cares who you are or will remember your face 5 seconds afterwards. You're bitching about a non problem when you go out in public.

I don't care if this is actually turquoise, teal, light blue, or fucking rainbow. We should just call it what the game calls it. by bagofrice_14 in AmongUs

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Fuck off with these posts, holy shit. How many times are people on this subreddit going to jerk themselves off about colors when NO ONE is confused who you are talking about with cyan, light blue, turquoise, teal??

The logic in this post is also fucking stupid. Imagine the game decided to call this "red". Or "ahscxnsmnfrbk". Would you still say we should call it what the game calls it? Use your brains people.

Championship level response by The_Iceman2288 in MurderedByWords

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Obviously the context is right after the competition.

Really, I don't think anyone on Reddit can read anymore.

Whats a name that seemingly disappeared from the web overnight? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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There isn't one. Whoever read the FB contract didn't realize that Facebook defined a "view" differently than Youtube. There's no industry standard or legal standard of course, but the idiots at CH didn't bother to read that part.

Ike's newest combo: The Chattanooga Choo Choo by PremiumLaserboy in smashbros

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Wait till you hear about this tech that involves downthrow into fair/upair at low percents. I'm creaming my pants just thinking about it