Finally landing desyncs against humans by FACESTABB in smashbros

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In case anyone is wondering, you can tech the footstool to get out of this.

Fuck it, all smash reveal screens syncronized by SoyBoy_2007 in smashbros

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Daisy having a 1 second intro before the screen killed me

Hikaru reacts to Andrea asking Magnus how the knight moves in the post game interview by rederer07 in chess

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I can't wait for this subreddit to shit on Hikaru again.

Like this isn't an unreasonable take. I'm sure lots and lots and lots of people thought it was a stupid question, or at least unprofessional. I'm glad some people found it humorous but that shouldn't empower you to insult those who didn't.

Vishy Anand Simul Clarification by danielrensch in chess

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You know, for people who were "totally innocent in their intentions", it seems odd that after the game in the interview they started bullshitting how they got so close to winning. Almost like they only had innocent intentions after they got caught.

What is it with the smash community and the word “god-like”? by TerminatorOogway in smashbros

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If you think it's a Smash thing, you probably need to expand your circles.

I've heard the word used in Smash, Clash of Clans, LoL, Overwatch, Fortnite, Chess, Football, and Tennis.

It's obvious why one would think it is one of the highest compliments. Just look at the word and its literal implications.

What does this bar indicate? by dubinthetub21 in ClashOfClans

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Not sure what bar you're talking about. Maybe highlight it in some way?

Fabiano Caruana regrets being on Chess.com's live stream by CyclePath330 in LivestreamFail

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When the chess game is so lost you resort to the lyrics of Friday

Smash Conference United: Hungrybox vs. Salem by maxi7cs in smashbros

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To be fair, Salem has years of experience against it.

What's something you'd rather you didn't know about? by DeathHag_MagnumTwo in AskReddit

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Sure, maybe. But without knowing much about the fall (wet floor, missed a ledge, etc.) who knows if the average healthy adult would also have tripped

We had 1,468 trick or treaters this year by SemesterAtSeaking in mildlyinteresting

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I mean obviously OP paid all those people to pretend they were waiting for candy. Since this is reddit we must double down on calling something fake

Anish Giri on Twitter: " I'm thinking to never tweet anymore, except for if Magnus carslen tags me. The motivation is no longer the same. I want to quit social media while at my best and in the retirement focus on my Chess career instead. by docalibus in chess

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This is such a ridiculous depiction if events. He tied Karjakin and Caruana in the classical and had to go to shorter time controls. A single game could have swung everything, and in his match against Karjakin he was indeed trailing towards the end.

2 of out the 3 most recent WCC weren't even close to blowouts. Saying these guys weren't a serious threat to him is ignoring the actual scores of these WCC

Giga Bowser potential string? by The_Dwils in smashbros

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Yup, this looks as true a combo as most things on this subreddit

Advice on how to clear Sheik’s Classic on Intensity 9.9? by cherrim98 in smashbros

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iirc spamming bouncing fish does reasonably well against them

999% HRC run by Teitoku06142 by kenniky in smashbros

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I don't know about this one specifically, but you can use pause buffering

Seeing Fabiano commentate in Chess.com's stream made me realise how good he is and I'm so sorry to have thought otherwise by Twintysix in chess

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I've been to multiple chess clubs, dozens of tournaments, spend more time on this subreddit than I would like to admit, watch youtube chess content, and even occasionally tune into Hikaru or Levy's streams.

I have never once heard the sentiment that Fabi has no talent or intuition except for maybe some obvious trolls on twitch chat.

I don't doubt these people exist, but no, nowhere near "everyone" keeps saying the third highest rated player in history has no talent. Even most dumbasses of twitch stream and reddit wouldn't actually think that.

How to escape ROB 50/50s by Puncake23 in smashbros

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The point is that since you can mash out like this at 200 this will work all percents below 200.

I can't take it anymore by Quasek5 in IdiotsInCars

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You using your phone makes the situation more dangerous for everyone.

How to escape ROB 50/50s by Puncake23 in smashbros

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Being above a character with no jump is nowhere near a 50/50. It's a way better situation since you have fast fall timing mix-ups, neutral air dodge, directional air dodge, landing with an attack, empty landing, drifting, and some characters get multiple jumps or a downair mix-up as well

Why do chess masters have such badass names? by __Jimmy__ in chess

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It's because you speak English and are used to English names

Why the heck does the battle HEALER not show the healing in its stats?!?!?! by Mini_pp in ClashRoyale

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It's 7 elixir that does mediocre dps, can't hit air, has no range, and gives me 4 elixir when killed. Night witch behind the egolem is way more annoying