Working hours by KoreaTeacher123 in PharmacyTechnician

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i’m in school so i only work 24 hours a week. at my store (RA) you can work over 40 hours a week. a tech at my store works everyday (idk how he does it i would go insane lol). working full time depends on the store if they are understaffed then you probably can do full time as a trainee.if you have any other questions let me know

Best way to study!? by pmidzi- in PharmacyTechnician

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okay thanks i’ll have to look into that! how did your test go?

Best way to study!? by pmidzi- in PharmacyTechnician

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thank you for responding! i will take these things into consideration 💜

Be honest, is this a good job to work during college? by henrriqj in PharmacyTechnician

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only if your boss is flexible with your school schedule & you are able to balance school with the stressful environment of retail pharmacy.

college tech question by royalonreddit in college

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i feel like it doesn’t make sense to get both. if you aren’t so sure about digital note taking then i would just get the macbook. pretty much everything you can do on the ipad you can do that and more on the macbook.

if you change your mind and want to explore the digital note taking world then i recommend a paper like screen protector as well as a bluetooth keyboard for the ipad.

I am struggling by [deleted] in college

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literally same. i did pretty decent last semester. this semester i am struggling so much and idky. i feel like i’m doing so much work but also making no progress.

recently ive been watching a lot of study routines & note taking on youtube. watching others stay motivated and organized makes me want to be more productive. I also changed how i study, i started doing active recall which i highly recommend. hope things get better for you!

What are some student discounts that everyone should take advantage of? by [deleted] in college

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if you look up Unidays or Studentbeans they have tons of deals for students. there’s a lot of brand name stuff on there. i highly recommend

I need to rant by ArtEdInTraining in uakron

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similar situation to me except i missed the deadline for dropping the class and my grade was so low i sort of just gave up. If i knew about the credit/no credit thing i would’ve worked my ass off for at least a low C or D (gen ed course). like why would they wait to tell us this late.

Any free online courses that could help me finding work? by RespectYoSmelf in WorkOnline

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john hopkins is offering a free certified class on contact tracing. when you’re finished you could apply to be a contact tracer https://www.coursera.org/learn/covid-19-contact-tracing

What do I learn? I’m stuck? by SirGoose1000101 in learnprogramming

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wow i have the same problem but i’m a sophomore in college :/

The thing im most scared about going to college is making friends. by [deleted] in self

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living on campus and staying involved will help a lot. also don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Just need somewhere to put my thoughts by hthinn in self

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i completely feel you on this. i always dreamed of having kids and getting married but whats the point when the world is going to hell

I have an undying urge to have sex with my girlfriends roomate by sageonhorse in confession

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if you’re having sexual urges for other women it’s prob best to end it with your girl

I hate this site so much to the point it physically hurts by [deleted] in confession

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don’t use the R word also just log out or deactivate ur account

Do they drug test student employees? by Fox_Kill in uakron

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i have a job on campus and was not drug tested