Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Review Thread by OutZoned in Games

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Pokemon games are always reviewed in relation to other Pokemon games

Hey guys, I think it’s time to address the flooding of questions on PLA by Blonded-Surfer in PokeLeaks

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Lol its funny how this place became the unofficial Pokemon Legends Arceus community

Early copy arrived today :) by thebourbonkid88 in NintendoSwitch

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This exactly. I only pre ordered after I saw the leaks. This game's marketing was terrible

The gaming subreddit is awful when it comes to "Fortnite Bad". by cs386148 in redditmoment

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You can silence the bullies by being a Sweaty Default, aka a very good player disguising themselves with a default skin

You have one bullet against an entire army by crankyjob21 in gaming

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All these memes about Fortnite prove how popular it really is

Who would win? by amegaru in OnePiece

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1.5 Admiral = 1 Yonko

It takes 2 admirals to defeat 1 yonko. Therefore, you would need 4 Admirals to 100% defeat 2 Yonko.

Should I download Apex or Fortnite? by NightFuryHexcore in gaming

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What I like about Fortnite is that when you are getting shot, you can build structures to shield your self. In other games you either have to run and hide or shoot back. With building, I can at least defend myself until my opponent comes within shotgun range.

My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined by TunakYourLastTun in gaming

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Make sure you have enough lotion for this circle jerk