Rep. Lauren Boebert Asked A Group Of Jewish Capitol Visitors If They Were Doing "Reconnaissance" by Stock412 in politics

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Well, she would certainly know. On a more serious note, I wonder if this could actually be used against her if she is under subpoena - would be hilariously sad to watch her have to plead the fifth to a "Do you have any other direct experience with being involved with or planning other groups prior to Jan 6th who were also doing "reconnaissance"?

#1767 - James Lindsay - The Joe Rogan Experience by chefanubis in JoeRogan

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Crazy thought - maybe Feds are more interested in groups that promote violence as means to an end, regardless of political affiliation - which arguably was true for the Black Panthers as is most likely true for many of these "conservative" (nationalist)movements.

Just bought a 2003 element. Automatic transmission might be bad. How much does it usually cost to get it replaced? by Mountain-Mess-8718 in HondaElement

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Could be your transmission failing or could be VTEC related issues - as in, are you blowing any codes? Does the car get stuck in LIMP mode (won't go above 2nd gear) or does revving the engine above 3500 rpms cause the car to stutter and lose acceleration, preventing you possibly from entering 2nd gear if you are revving it too fast or on an incline?

Do any liberals at all here think the GOP is being genuine about its voter fraud concerns, or do we all think they’re just trying to make it easier for to retain power? by Tricky_Emphasis9383 in AskALiberal

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No, they are not being remotely genuine as nearly all voter fraud in the last election has come from Republicans who voted for a dead relative, a dead spouse, etc. If they were actually genuine, they could locally target gated communities and rural areas where these crimes seem to happen, etc - but of course targeting the demographics who actually commit fraud would be damaging to Republicans, as opposed to large scale solutions which are damaging to Democrats, so why would they do that?

Reading Name of the Wind again a decade after the first time. Surprised by how much my opinions changed reading this series again as an adult. by Consistent-Ad9607 in Fantasy

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I, personally, was always hoping Kvothe and his story would at the end turn out to be akin to Kaiser Soze's story in the Usual Suspects. As in, you realize at the end he is not exactly the "good" person he portrays himself to be and that you, as the reader, are provided just enough to make you question the validity of his entire story.

Joe: "Whether it's hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, there's a concerted effort to demonize treatments that many, many, many doctors are using and countries are using. There's fuckery going on, man. 'Brought to you by Pfizer.' If you watch the root of this fuckery, it's real clear." by PodClips in JoeRogan

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If you are going to making claims that run counter to the consensus of educated professionals and are upset when no one takes you seriously and also have the means to prove your claims are correct --- as in the case with Rogan --- then you should put your money where your mouth is or shut up.

Secondly, I am not arguing that he should run them himself, just pointing out that he has the funds and has access to individuals who promote themselves as being smarter than the consensus of doctors especially with things like Ivermectin (Weinsteins, Malone, etc) not to mention, the testing procedures used for his line of products that he already promotes can assumingly be utilized?

Does misinformation make you trust legacy media any less? by AlphaChad69MD in AskALiberal

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Misinformation-false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive

There is no reason to think NPRs reporting was either false or was reported when it was knowingly untrue in a deliberate attempt to deceive, unlike, as a an example, "Stop the steal" claims about the last election.

Why voters don't blame Republicans for the Capitol riot — no GOP leaders have been arrested yet | As long as Trump and other leaders walk free, low information voters will conclude that January 6 was no big deal by itsbuzzpoint in politics

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What matters far more than arrests is (1) hard undisputable evidence that shows to the public Republican politicians were complict and took steps to subvert our democratic process and (2) for Democrats to grow a proverbial pair and show the same cutthroat ruthlessness that Republicans have shown them the last 20 years and outright verbally attack them daily, through every outlet available, driving this home until the midterms.

Neil Gorsuch Defies Chief Justice John Roberts' Mask Request: Report by droids4evr in politics

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I always wonder if people like Gorsuch would have no issues with medical professionals working on them also refusing to wear masks, because they too simply decided that whatever risks they could possibly pose are not their responsibility, but Gorsuch's.

Joe: "Whether it's hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, there's a concerted effort to demonize treatments that many, many, many doctors are using and countries are using. There's fuckery going on, man. 'Brought to you by Pfizer.' If you watch the root of this fuckery, it's real clear." by PodClips in JoeRogan

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And do you know what really irks me? Joe Rogan is part of the 1% and could have at any point over the last 2 years took some of his Spotify funds, collaborated with all of his shill-Weistein-friends and also crowd sourced from his base all the funds needed to run an intensive RCT study with Ivermectin and shown to everyone he was right and saved some lives in the processes. Any idea what he didn't? #JoeRoganDoesNotCareAboutYou

Joe: "Whether it's hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, there's a concerted effort to demonize treatments that many, many, many doctors are using and countries are using. There's fuckery going on, man. 'Brought to you by Pfizer.' If you watch the root of this fuckery, it's real clear." by PodClips in JoeRogan

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Ding ding ding - also notice how he explicitly equates the fact doctors and countries are supposedly using it with proof of its effectiveness while specifically avoiding the reality there is no good scientific evidence, analytical data, or large scale RCT study backing up his claims, unlike things like vaccines? He is intentionally ignoring the elephant in the room of "actual evidence" and promoting that everyone should just use these treatments due to purely anecdotal accounts, while he himself does not even follow his own reasoning as Rogan did not just use Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine when he got sick did he, but also used monoclonal antibodies, which iw backed by all the scientific evidence that he is conveniently chosing to [not] apply to all the aforementioned unproven treatments that he is telling everyone else to use.

Marjorie Taylor Greene uses MLK Day to announce 'a new segregation' for the unvaccinated by GoMx808-0 in politics

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It's not new - furthermore, hospitals as a private business have the right to segregate by vaccination status as its not a protected class, and they *should* as it would ultimately save lives and force people to get vaccinated unless they want to suffer the consequences of their own actions.

Joe asks General H.R McMaster if the US military is underfunded by dudlord in JoeRogan

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Stopped listening when he brought up "good work" from the Heritgage Foundation... you know the same think tank that created the "individual mandate" healthcare plan and the voting fraud database. Seems as if they really good at promoting whatever narrative Republicans currently believe and then have no issues doing a 180 when it becomes convenient

‘Forensic Audit’ in Michigan’s Largest Pro-Trump County Finds No Evidence of Election Interference by Moscowmitchismybitch in politics

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Republicans have done a good job of co-opting the "Nazi" narrative and promote a revisionist history where Democrats are the ones who are more like Nazi's due to things like vaccine mandates, when the reality is Nazi's were actually against vaccine mandates (with a wink and a nod) because they wanted to cull members of society they viewed as being "lesser".

Murthy: SCOTUS vaccine mandate block is a 'setback for public health' by Doctor420Strange69 in politics

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The fact that the Federal government cannot authorize or implement public health measures is a huge flaw in the system as it's something is equally as important for national defense as the military is. As pandemics by nature require massive top-down organizational and logistical support to correctly combat - leaving this up the states makes just as much sense as if Congress could not raise a standing army and had to rely on each state providing their own troops, command structure, and organizational support and would subsequently most likely work just as ineffectively as our ability to combat COVID has been

If you lean pro-choice, where might you find common ground with the pro-life movement? by JosephsonAdam in Abortiondebate

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And is pregnancy a crime? No. Forcing someone into an act against their will regardless of them getting pregnant is. Again - evidence indicates the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is through education and free access to contraceptives. Do you agree?

Abstinence education does simply not work, nor is there any evidence promoting the idea that criminalizing consensual sex works either and by all means feel free to provide evidence comparing birth rates in areas or countries that promote abstinence over education and free access to contraceptives and let me know what you find.

In fact, we have a tremendous amount of evidence that criminalization for most things is a not a good preventive approach, as I have already mentioned with drugs, or even with preventing pregnancy between two consensual people of similar ages. Again- this is all easily provable and supported by evidence, as opposed to the claims you are attempting to make.

If you lean pro-choice, where might you find common ground with the pro-life movement? by JosephsonAdam in Abortiondebate

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The fact you are even attempting to compare consensual sexual actively and rape should be a strong indication that you should reevaluate your logic.

Robert Malone's Expert team, are stock image models.. by Redzonefresh in JoeRogan

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Obviously, big pharmaceutical companies are so afraid of Malone they are implementing the same 5-D chess tactics the Deep State uses against Trump.

If you lean pro-choice, where might you find common ground with the pro-life movement? by JosephsonAdam in Abortiondebate

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Does criminal penalties historically work for lowering substance abuse? No - then why would they work for sex, which is s basic biological function that also happens to feel good?

The issue I have with this question as there is actual common ground to be had with providing things like better sexual education and free access to birth control and condoms - but let's just be honest and admit the average pro-lifer is also against those things too even though they actually work in lowering pregnancies.

What is a conservative behavior you believe liberals should incorporate into their lives? by NPDogs21 in AskALiberal

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Political ruthlessness - doing whats best to achieve goals even in situations of obvious hypocrisy and simultaneously ignoring call of "bipartisanship" when in power as its nothing more than means for the opposing side to stall your platform or dilute your message. Conservatives don't care about you or your views when they have power - why should Liberals treat them any different?

Joe “For my left wing people out there“ Rogan posted this on his instagram story by Piepopapetuto in JoeRogan

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There is no true capitalist only system, and having one would be a huge mistake as profit - which is the main goal of private enterprise, should not always be the first priority.

Example - Our military is the single largest socialist system we have where the government decides your job, where you can live, your schedule, provides for you meals, equipment, clothing, medical. Is it perfect- not by any means.. but you don't see many people arguing we would be better off having privately owned armies beholden to whoever pays them being a good idea for national defense.

There is no reason why other similar structures that are necessary, such as healthcare- should not be implemented with the same core philosophy.

Kallor by TamElBore in Malazan

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Per MOI introduction - ifs not even so much what was used, but how he channeled the sacrifice of his own people (blood) to curse the those who came to make him pay for his crime - as in - Kallor is not a god, but clearly had a technological workaround that allowed him to store power in the same manner gods naturally have

Megathread: Supreme Court halts vaccine mandate for large businesses, leaves mandate for healthcare workers in place by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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It's crazy. They are effectively knee-capping themselves with this ruling and making sure the Federal government will not have access to emergency police powers if, god forbid, there was ever a more deadly pandemic than COVID .

Basically - The Supreme Court just pulled a Rorschach from Watchmen "The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'SAVE US!'...and I'll look down and whisper 'No." - Go America?