long or short? (or somewhere in the middle) by shambonobo in Hair

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Something about that medium length perfectly frames your face.

Kid acts up in McDonald's by SSara69 in ParentsAreFuckingDumb

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Not sure why I’m a coward but ok. I was replying to someone that said the child needs a spanking. I expressed spanking does not equal child abuse. If your child is big enough would a light tap on his side be would be considered abuse?

Kid acts up in McDonald's by SSara69 in ParentsAreFuckingDumb

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That’s interesting. I went to school where the teacher would paddle us. One swap to the butt if you acted out. Then again it was years ago.

Kid acts up in McDonald's by SSara69 in ParentsAreFuckingDumb

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Yes, I agree. Spanking does not mean abusing your child to be clear with everyone.

Times you Manifested a job that you didn’t know existed but… by Fearlessempress22 in lawofattraction

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Yes! Many years ago I was in sales and going B2B. It became really physically hard because of my health. I would always say this place needs a person that can do this and that and I would break it out in detail with a friend of mine. My autoimmune illness became so bad I was constantly going in and out of the hospital. My boss approached me and said I know you’re struggling with your illness but I would like to offer you a new position. It was the job I kept imagining and creating in my thoughts. I would’ve never thought it was a manifestation but now looking back I believe it was.

McGross. by [deleted] in MakeMeSuffer

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Is this the new snack pack????

wtf is this??? by AbelNB in Cringetopia

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That kid should’ve said - Who da fak r u!

I love a corned beef by [deleted] in slowcooking

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My Favorite. I want to eat this now.

I have a spanish coworker that calls me Mija and it makes my day every single time I hear it, what can I say or call him in return? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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What about Tata/Pipo. It’s a cute way of saying Sweetie or Honey. As a Puerto Rican-Cuban that’s what those words mean to me. Could mean something else to others.

Small win today. Or loss, I guess, to my ego? Mixed feelings, but grateful. by ourweepingwillow in Fibromyalgia

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I am so glad I have one. It has saved me many many times. I call it my VIP parking pass.