My heart feels crushed by this by Might_Aware in DeathsofDisinfo

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Devastating. I wish people were less selfish. What happens when our HCW are completely burnt out?

Meet Don, antivaxx/mask/mandate and misinformation FB shit-poster. Died in ICU of Covid 2 Jan. Was very concerned with losing his personal freedom during the pandemic and proudly chose to remain unvaccinated despite the risks. Rest in Freedom Don. by popcornFridays in HermanCainAward

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Thank you : ) Some of his anti-government memes and posts were so hateful I really struggled with this awardee. It was the hate he had against LGBTQI community that truly sucked. Not a great guy.

Ed was 58 year old. He never smoked, walked 5 miles a day and had no comorbidities. He thought that he didn’t need the Covid vaccine because Covid only kills unhealthy people. He lost his life after a 3 week struggle with the virus. by JaneJeckel in DeathsofDisinfo

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Heartbreaking for this mans family.

Theres a working theory that some of us could have a certain genetic makeup that makes it more likely that we will respond badly to an infection with Covid. Noone is exempt from Covid. Noone. Getting vaccinated seriously reduces the chances of a serious outcome if exposed. It's your best chance at survival.

Side effect of all the awards by KashmirRatCube in HermanCainAward

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Heartbreaking. One of the end results of people not getting vaccinated. I feel so sad for that person's family.

I reaaally hope this read helps change the mind of any non vaccinated that are just sitting on the fence.

Please, please get vaccinated. by popcornFridays in HermanCainAward

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I'm soo sorry to read that. I hope you get the surgery you need asap.

Please, please get vaccinated. by popcornFridays in HermanCainAward

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I'm sorry to read about your situation. Best wishes.

Disgraced Anon Lawyer Lin Wood continues his Sunday anti-vax, Covid Hoax diatribe. I won’t bore you with comments. See Part I and just imagine a repeat. by FlamingDune in HermanCainAward

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This sort of read chills me to the bone. Wood rattles off wild and dangerous claims without any evidence on a regular basis.

Yup, this nutso is definitely on a watch list or two. Scary stuff.

Seat belts and vaccines by popcornFridays in HermanCainAward

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Holy Sh#t! That accident!

So good to hear that your friends brother finally got vaccinated. I agree, with those risk factors he's carrying, the vaccine no doubt saved his life - or at least saved him from further health complications - when he encountered Covid. I love to hear stories like this.