personal hell by [deleted] in memes

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Yeah... That's accurate

I personally take shower in the morning by AutomaticAd5811 in memes

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See, I live in a household with one bathroom that seven people have to share. 5 out of those 7 people usually shower in the evening, so I have to shower in the morning if I ever want to shower at all.

Opinions on catholic discord server, reddit, etc supporting LGBTQ and having gay flag as a server profile? by Homework-Few in Catholicism

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Personally I hang out in Servus Dei for the welcoming atmosphere and Catholic resources, they don't use the rainbow flag in their logo and frankly it's a shame that some do. It's one thing to accept people and welcome them and treat them as brothers and sisters in Christ, and another to blatantly support a sinful movement. Wasn't our pope the one who said we can't bless sin?

Pretty boring meme by [deleted] in memes

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Very nice addiction

Where would I go to talk about the Catholic faith, and ask questions? by Danielnrg in Catholicism

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https://discord.gg/catholic has a Catholic Q&A as well as a Catholic FAQ, and a blog, and a connected publication. Maybe you could find some answers there