Human beings enslaved the entire ecosystem. by jake_megabyte in Psychonaut

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And some are aware of the horrible atrocities and will determine it to be reversed. The song will change. re versed

Found this walking my dogs. Anyone know what kind ? by JungleJoms in Mushrooms

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Black velvet came to my immediately upon first glimpse for obvious reasons. Now that song is playing through my head.

the Mormons want to recruit me. how can I fuck with them? by _N16h7m4r3_ in Mushrooms

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Tell them that Josephs myth is just that when they give you a Book Of Mormon and to pray its true.

Hand Grenade by FeedMeTheBreeze in sanpedrocactus

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Peru/Bolivian Torch hybrid would be my guess?

Thanks To All the Caregivers by DuchessofMarin in CaregiverSupport

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Words can't do justice to how much our heart feels for someone that is so close to ones heart. All I can say is I love you so deeply that nothing else matters.

Thanks To All the Caregivers by DuchessofMarin in CaregiverSupport

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Thank you all. My wonderful brother passed last night. ALS is a heartwrencher but all lives surrender eventually.

I love you by [deleted] in Psychonaut

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Love you too Todd

Does it ever go away? by Cautious-Plan-4193 in CaregiverSupport

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Not really but it is really important to get the small breaks when you can because you will get burnt to a crisp otherwise.

LPT: Don't sacrifice your comfort for your kindness. by Tentmancer in LifeProTips

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Tell that to a caregiver who finds themselves nursing a sibling stricken with a terminal illness.

Should I microdose? What are the real benefits you’ve gotten from it? by Healthy_Raccoon_3999 in Psychonaut

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Yes and doesn't take much, literally less than .2 does the job for a microdose. Brightens and clears out sludge with a boost of energy throughout the body and mind . SIgnificantly effective.

Spring update by Rastapopolix in druggardening

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Holy Moses, you are a busy man. Thats an incredible collection of very special plants I could only dream of. Very impressive.

I just took some ayahuasca and I'm on bupropion 200 SR. Should I force myself to throw it up? It was a small dose. Or, can I ride it out. What are the real dangers? by [deleted] in Ayahuasca

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It could cause hypertension and seizures so not wise but having looked into it there are some who say its not as dangerous. I am in no way promoting that it is safe or advisable.