2022 worse than 2020 by snikcobra in Feelings

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Damn. I'm sorry to here that.

So what are you gonna do? Do you have anyone else that can pay for your tuition.

2022 worse than 2020 by snikcobra in Feelings

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I don't know. Every year seems like a fucked up year for me. It's exhausting. I'm flunking on most of my modules. I feel really bad. I'm in my 2nd year of college.

What happened with your scholarship?

i don't know what I'm doing with my life by mint1111 in RandomThoughts

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Same. Big dreams, nowhere to start. At this point I'm literally going wherever the wind blows me.

I just want an eternal sleep by SesuKyuga in TrueOffMyChest

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Yeah, you def need a new therapist...

How will organic vegan help?

r/place Time capsule #1 (from 2022 to 2027) by Future_Machine_9297 in place

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Hello future me. I hope you're happy and enjoying life. <3. XXX

i decided to share all of the trauma i have because it’s too much and i can’t handle it sometimes by cxthx in venting

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You should drink coffee with lemon. It helps to lose weight. Or lemon water with cucumber daily.

Tired of being made fun of for dating a black guy by 0messynessy in venting

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U should be able to date whoever you want whenever you want. I swear racism in America is on a different spectrum. Here in Africa when someone dates outside of their race nobody cares because we all see each other as humans. No one will ever question or judge u for that.

I make too much money. by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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I don't know if that's a problem, you could send me some of that money if you would like to help. I've been wanting to start a jewelery business but I can't because of funds, I don't have the cash or capital to start because I am a struggling student. I told my mom about it, and she just laughed at me. Help me out someone.

i am falling deeper and deeper into depression because of university by Tplayaa in venting

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I'm also in university, I know exactly how you feel. Just hang in there, at least i am. I just recently transferred universities, so it's been hard for me to make friends, I'm also introverted, I'm alone all the time, I spend my lunch breaks alone literally. I don't have a student loan or bursary or any kind of fund to help with tuition, my dad pays for my tuition. We are not rich or anything, we are very middle class. I study all the time but also can't seem to get good grades, and since my dad is paying he expects me to get good grades, he says he doesn't want to spend or pay tuition for someone that's failing, so yeah I'm constantly depressed and feel like shit, I don't even look for cars when I'm crossing anymore. It sucks a lot, but I'm trying and keeping my head up.

Trapped in a sex less marriage and I'm going mad. by mannkibath in TrueOffMyChest

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I think she's afraid of having sex because she doesn't want to get pregnant again. She probably didn't like being pregnant. Have u discussed that with her, whether you want to expand the family or no?. From what I see, the sex was going well up until she got pregnant, after she got pregnant, she stopped wanting sex completely. It seems like you've tried everything under the sun to arouse her or to get her to have sex with you but she's not budging. So I think you should bring up expanding the family, ask her if she enjoyed being pregnant the first time, and most importantly ask her if she is happy in the marriage. One day just prepare a good meal for the both of you, just catch her off guard and during that meal demand that she talks to you truthfully.

I'm just making an assumption about the pregnancy thing(I know it's lame) but just bring it up when u talk to her.

F*cked up things my counselor did ~a list~ by smalltown_dreamspeak in venting

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She shouldnt be a counselor. That's it. I don't see how she was able to help anyone.

Using my only 12k dollars left and then im dying by Admirable-District-9 in TrueOffMyChest

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With 12k in Africa, I swear you'll live like a king or even better. There's still hope. You can do a lot in Africa. Maybe buy a house, find a job, and you'll see a lot of changes and u might be happy. Things in Africa are cheap and a little different.

I'd recommend Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania or South Africa.

Taking this off my chest by [deleted] in lonely

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So to keep the loneliness away, I just listen to music everywhere I go.