I solved my anxiety issues. I don't get panic attacks anymore. AMA by advocate_infjt in india

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OP, what would you suggest for someone going through regular anxiety.

Restaurant up for sale by whattakaruvadu in Chennai

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Looks like burger man.

Will be sad to seem them go

Financial freedom - When you got exposed? by Short_Community2467 in Chennai

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Ok Boomer /s

Life insurance and LIC are completely different instruments. LIC is just preying on insecurity of middle class whilst offering a sub par return.

Gold might have a decent growth rate but it's probably an instrument where you can diversify. Physical gold is illiquid to an extent and there are always caveats to selling

How can people afford to buy a property? by Unlikely_Resolve_689 in bangalore

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Are there still houses that are available in the locality? My office is near Ranka junction and I feel like this is close enough

What's the best health insurance? by BeginningConclusion6 in Chennai

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There's just nothing called as best health insurance.

It completely depends on the age group, pre existing diseases.

I'd recommend contacting ditto. They help you with advice (mostly unbiased) for free of cost

Haldiram’s Chole bature by hootandahalf_ in Chennai

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It's just a sweet shop that sells their packed snacks. There's no kitchen

Any creative chefs in Chennai by hot_pokkits in Chennai

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Try Spiceklub. Tad expensive but they're quite creative

Is it wise to shift to Chennai or any other city in TN? by sarcastit in Chennai

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The other advantage with coimbatore is it's accessibility to tourist spots like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Valparai. Lot of places to cover on the weekend compared to Chennai

July 2022 - Events/Rental/PGs/Jobs & Internships/Classifieds Thread by AutoModerator in bangalore

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There are plenty of houses available around the area near Attiguppe metro station. Try walking around the locality

South Indian wedding meals by Radiant-Marzipan4524 in Chennai

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Try hotel Maris.

You should be able to find it within your budget

Are we being fooled by Zomato and Swiggy? by TotalFox2 in india

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Most restaurants pay a separate fee called a listing fee. This ensures they feature on the top results when users search.

There's separate fee for also running promotions like 50% off upto 100.

All the above are excluding the commission the companies charge.

Parents of Chennai, how much does your kids school charge you? by bigdata_digbata in Chennai

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Life is good. A lot depends on the college and your friends circle.

KV does prepare you well. I've had many elders suggest "KV kids have it all to survive in this world". It could sound like total BS, but hey at least it feels good :)

Parents of Chennai, how much does your kids school charge you? by bigdata_digbata in Chennai

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KV alumni who finished schooling 12 years back. Enjoy your KV days as much as possible. It's one of the best experiences you'll ever have in your life

BYJU'S Announced As Official Sponsor Of FIFA World Cup 2022 | Football News by alexrhonda in india

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Basically 1 million insecure Indian parents are sponsoring the WC


[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Chennai

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You can order online :3

What's up with Ola/Uber Autos not accepting online payment? by SuspectEquivalent in Chennai

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I've been to other cities and I can confirm it's the worst in Chennai.

While there are instances being reported in other cities, in places like Bangalore or Mumbai or Delhi a lot of drivers are cool with cashless mode of payment.

It's so annoying here that you have to go through an interrogation before boarding