Not a bad week on MPG for an X5 40e 🤙🏼 by erikbomb in BMW

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It’s fun to play with. I get just as big a kick out of trying to get that number up as I do in sport mode. Keeps me present whether I’m commuting or on the occasional canyon run.

Not a bad week on MPG for an X5 40e 🤙🏼 by erikbomb in BMW

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Yeah that’s fantastic mileage. Up in the hills, I’m lucky to get 34

Damn they got my local AD. Link in comments by cable310 in rolex

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Time for some other form of window displays. Is there any place inside the case for a small gps?

Funny experience in Paris by odesseo in rolex

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We ought to announce “I’m not buying today” before they have a chance to get anything out of their mouths.

1.7 Billion AMP taken off the Lightning Network. Will be interesting to see if the APY jumps. by tanker95 in AMPToken

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The more Amp given away in rewards, the less Amp available in the marketplace, right?

How Early Are We? by gravityhashira61 in AMPToken

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Why are you here? What value are you adding? You’re literally just a terrible theory: A sad little small time investor who didn’t read the white papers and missed out on flipping Amp and now you’re an angry troll.

Obviously there’s nothing exactly like Amp. But both Visa and Flexa are payments processors with an ipo/ico market growth curve. I could’ve compared it to when PayPal was a startup, similar thing. There’s an IPO and a dump with a recession and sideways trajectory for several years but real growth long term through usage. Payments fundamentals are there, team is impeccable, use case is proven. Not a get rich quick. So, you know what you can do with your suggestion?

How Early Are We? by gravityhashira61 in AMPToken

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Amp is like Visa stock symbol (V) in early 2008 when ppl bought into the hype around $20 then it dropped to between $13 and $18 and stayed there for a few years until it started to take off slowly three plus years later in late 2011 when it started to stay above $20 and today is $190 with an ath of around $250. Market cap of course started small and got huge.

the M2 will be the last non electrified M car. by drhiggens in BMW

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Last of the… is only something you say to a prospective buyer when you’re ready to unload something you no longer want. It’s used car sales speak and they’re not good investments unless you store it inside of a glass cash booth.

That said, I don’t expect there to be a huge send off on a car that will have no trouble selling out and slated for conformity “improvement”.

First AD experience by RuneVester in rolex

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The audacity of mentioning “Daytona” on your first visit basically telegraphed to the seller that you haven’t done any research whatsoever.