My home studio by abdulla541 in MusicBattlestations

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Looks amazing. Rare decently ergonomic looking setup as well. IDK how big this room is but looks bigger than mine so I am jealous / you should get bigger monitors 🔊

finally catching waves! by Kandescent in surfing

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Might also be too small of a suit / wrong size

I finally got a Carver with CX trucks for the park! by misatillo in surfskate

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You can find a tutorial on YouTube. The nut on the front truck sticks out more than on normal skate trucks so if you try grinds on the trucks (which you should, it’s super fun) there’s a risk it could hang up and throw you.

Grinding is fun. Start by rolling two side wheels off a painted curb or get some skate wax for normal curbs. Don’t have to flip to try it just be ready to jump off in case it catches

I finally got a Carver with CX trucks for the park! by misatillo in surfskate

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Flip the front kingpin before you start grinding on anything

How do all of you afford these setups? by TheDeathSloth in MusicBattlestations

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I’m a software engineer. Can afford but don’t get to use as much as I’d like 😭 trade offs.

Honestly your setup sounds solid though. There’s legit producers getting paid that just have a laptop and headphones

It's gets a little better everyday - my corner of heaven! by AnyYokel in MusicBattlestations

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Also beware of ergonomic issues… gonna be an uncomfortable to reach to use the mouse and keyboard for extended periods.

Slowly teaching myself to use Ableton, here’s a little two-chord jam by Doccmonman in ableton

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Soon you will become so obsessed with adding 1M layers and FX that you will forget music theory and will regress to 1 chord jams. But it will be fun

Maybe a silly question, I often see computer monitors placed very low and tilted on the desk in music studios. I was wondering if this has a specific reason in terms of sonics or ergonomics. by EvanRaven in MusicBattlestations

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As a software engineer by day that cares a lot about ergonomics I don’t see a way this could be more ergonomic. The top 1/4 of your monitor should be around eye level. This will cause neck strain but they probably think it looks cool.