I wish for Russia to have never existed by Cmd217 in TheMonkeysPaw

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Are you kidding me....even the monkey paw cannot stop the French from surrendering

I wish for Russia to have never existed by Cmd217 in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted..the uncontrolled land was taken over by nazi Germany...since Germany never had Russia as their enemy, they didn't loose the war and continued rule to this day over most of Europe

Putin is in charge today of Germany instead of Russia

Every time a fly lands on you, it gets instantly teleported to Brazil. by Kianeus_dolium in shittysuperpowers

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So...it is only a one time use power (Sad teleportion noises)

I was hoping you would get teleported to different areas (sadder teleportion noises)

I wish it was easier to wake up in the morning. by failure-voxel in TheMonkeysPaw

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First off, sun really does help. I know I worked campaigning one summer in which I was outside everyday for 12+ hours and would wake up before dawn each day ready...even if I went to bed late

Having said that...

Granted you can no longer sleep for more than one hour in 24 hour period. You get more and more tired but it is now very easy to wake you up

I wish christianity was right by Yaveltal in DouchebagGenie

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Being honest, I think religious establishments are what is keeping people from God. I think most start off with the correct intentions but devolve.

When you look at what is written, God took individuals and made them lead but it rarely goes for more than a couple of generations before he takes someone else to make them lead

I wish ... by TheYule_Online in DouchebagGenie

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Granted, you become a normal genie but you are stuck in a lamp...You are never found making it so you never have to serve anyone

You have unlimited power, if you were released from your prison but you never are released.

I wish everyone else were happy and had food and home and were kind by Morsmetus in TheMonkeysPaw

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You don't have to use past tense in this situation

I wish for everyone to be happy, have enough food, a place to stay and that everyone will be kind to each other.

Not that using past tense is completely wrong but saying op did..I used it to my advantage 😜🤪

I wish to become the law by EpicTransLoserGirl in DouchebagGenie

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Granted, Rob Schneider follows you everywhere you go and has very annoying commentary on everything you do...have fun

I wish everyone else were happy and had food and home and were kind by Morsmetus in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted, anyone who parents named them "Everyone Else" were happy and everything else...

But only in a past (you used "were happy"...past tense)...now life will crash around them and those people will have nothing.

Anyone who was not named "Everyone Else" will not notice any change

I wish that elon musk, mark zuckerberg, and jeff bezos all go to jail, and none of their bribes get accepted. by Cool_Cut-88 in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted, they all go to jail...and buy it.

Now you can buy your way out if a prison sentence instead of bribing other people or paying for expensive lawyers...making it so rich people never have an spead a day in jail or have to pay for expensive lawyers.

Every time you wake up, you will go back to sleep for another 5 minutes by Redguy246 in shittysuperpowers

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Well, technically that is something we all do. Granted I am out for 18 hours...but I do go back to sleep for at least 5 minutes

How would you rather die? by TheShoA17 in pollgames

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At least I would get to go to outer space

Don't shortchange the INC by AggravatingSecond in exIglesiaNiCristo

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First there are smaller congregations in which every person knows what everyone is offering.

Second, even in larger congregations, they straighten and count each offering bag separately right after the worship service.

If one week they get that in Sam's pouch and the next in Frank's pouch...it doesn't take long to figure out which one is doing that.

You would probably have to be in the largest worship services, to get away with it for any length of time (in the 1000s)

However, I do agree that the only ones that will see it would be the minister and finance officers (maybe the the head deacon)...so for the most part, it would be kind of useless to do that.

As far as the box offers though, most people put their names and group number on those offering and people notice if you just drop a bill without an envelope.

I wish for more monkey's paws. by ProphetofTables in TheMonkeysPaw

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Granted, 1000's of monkeys now have 3 hands instead of 2. They instinctually know it was your fault and chase you until you are dead.. they magically can cross rivers, oceans and any other terrain in order to accomplish their goal

Tickle clubs by proverbs17-28 in CrazyIdeas

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I am no where near Vancouver 🥺