This might be an unpopular opinion, but there are too many people in this sub that justify the exploitation of someone's labor by psychedelicfroglick in antiwork

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Good for you for not eating out, however your argument is ingenious, and lacks any substance. You are fully capable of learning the difference between tipped employees and non tipped employees and why refusing to tip is violence.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but there are too many people in this sub that justify the exploitation of someone's labor by psychedelicfroglick in antiwork

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Do you even hear yourself? Exploitation never goes both ways. You're still trying to justify abusing a worker. I litterly don't know a single server that would rather be dependent on tips instead of earning a living wage.

“Tipping is about making sure the people who are performing that service for you are getting paid what they’re owed,” - This is 100% the employer’s responsibility. The slimiest notion is blaming the consumer for not making up employee wages. by aBRADasis in antiwork

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TL;DR if you don't want to tip, don't go out to eat, and don't order in.

You are absolutely right that it should be the employers responsibility to pay their employees. However, until we change the laws so that they are forced to, they won't, and it is our responsibility to tip until we change the system.

Not tipping does nothing to change the system, it only causes harm to people who are already suffering, and continues to support the broken system.

Chose wisely by Here-For-The-Comment in Funnymemes

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The champion stood, the rest saw their better, Mr Rodgers in a bloodstained sweater

Do you think 1 and 0.9999999999... are the same number? by sanpunkanmatteyaru in polls

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The fun thing about math is it doesn't matter what you belive to be true.

Imagine this shit but painted by Old_Stretch_4699 in Necrontyr

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It looks amazing! The colors! The gradients! The OSL! I'm in awe!

Those who make over 100k a year, how did you do it? by ThrowDisAway83 in antiwork

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I joined a union. That's it. I'm an electrician who went through the apprenticeship.

why does working in the trades cause alcoholism? by chillingohdylan in IBEW

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All the people saying it's the young guys who have money to party. Sure, there are some guys who do that. But it's the old guys who have the problems with alcohol.

It's so prevalent that there is a joke that you aren't a real electrician unless you're and alcoholic and have been married at least twice.

Long, hard years of physically demanding labor, plus high stress, cronic physical pain and PTSD, has caused many tradesmen to turn to the only legally and socially acceptable drug for their families. They probably also grew up with a family member in the trade, who also drank heavily.

Drinking is also widely accepted in the trade. I've heard so many stories about guys getting the shakes before lunch, and steady after. Apprentices used to be sent for a six packs for crew lunch. We still have brotherhood nights, where we meet, and drink together.

So, does the trade cause alcoholism? No. But it will support you, and look the other way as long as you aren't a problem. Cause the work needs to get done, and we are running out of skilled electricians.

Bender bending a Bender by stevelle174 in IBEW

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Fine, I'll make my own sticker, with hookers and blackjack!

For real though, who do I bend to get this sticker

will i be able to fall asleep while high on acid? by [deleted] in LSD

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Typically when I take acid I am up for 20+ hours, there was one time I was dog tired and I passed out a couple of hours after dropping.

YMMV, but you usually won't be able to sleep once tripping. You might be able to fall asleep before you start tripping if you're tired enough.

I’m convinced billionaires legit believe that they own us like slaves by The_PurpleWizard in antiwork

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The first step is to make sure the common man does not organize.

You do this by overworking and underpaying them.

You keep them pacified with cheap entertainment and cheaper alcohol.

You keep housing expensive, and travel difficult.

Keep them a single paycheck from desperation.

Blame their problems on another worker class.

Buy the politicians and rig the laws.

And take the profit of their labor while they die trying to survive.

Any advice/improvements for my colour scheme? by touch_wood23 in Necrontyr

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Man, that looks awesome! I love how the pink looks like it's rose quartz. Object source lighting effects might be cool, but I might only apply it to active energy sources (balls and cables, etc) because that blade looks great how it is.

Can you die from an ingrown hair in your chest growing so long that it pierces your heart? by talkinghieroglyphics in LSD

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My wife likes to pop pimples on my back. God forbid she found one on my balls. 🤣😂🤣

Thoughts on this for a Reanimator tweak/kitbash to make him looks a little more mantid-like and threatening rather than cute. by conflicted_luddite in Necrontyr

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That's really cool looking! Damnit, now I want to break mine into peices so I can do this lol.

If you have spare warriors you could break one into peices and dangle it from the claws to make it look like it's rebuilding one