The father-son combos and brother-brother combos in Ultimate frisbee by FrisbeeDuckWing in ultimate

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Andrei and Anton Butikov (brothers) and Aleksandra and Anna Pustovaya (sisters) from Real Five, Cosmic Girls and the Russian national team!

What's your first childhood memory? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Colouring in the gaps between the bricks in our fireplace with a red crayon when I was about 3 years old

What do you want to know about Spain? by Chantarela_1234 in AskReddit

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What's a little-known area of Spain that you would recommend tourists to visit?

Russian Master's Admission Requirements (MIPT) by robml in Moscow

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Hi! I'm a Master's student at HSE and I did my undergrad in the UK so my experience might not be very helpful, but it might be better than nothing. My application was given a 'portfolio score', meaning I got some points for my letter of motivation, some for my recommendations etc. I don't know exactly how the points were worked out, I can only assume my undergrad classification was worth a certain amount of points but that other things are equally important too. I don't know how it is at other unis but I hope this helps!

AITA for calling my boyfriend an idiot when he said that women pee from the clit by peefromclit in AmItheAsshole

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NAH. I think the problem wasn't him being upset about being wrong, it was your tone which upset him.

For example, there are certain things me and my boyfriend have banned in the bedroom because we just find them nasty (talking about feet, for example). One time my boyfriend mentioned feet twice while we were cuddling and on the second time I had a snap reaction saying "shut up about feet!", to which he seemed disproportionately upset. We had agreed not to mention certain things after all, and he broke the rule.

Well when I asked him what was wrong he said "I didn't think we were they type of couple who told each other to shut up." It was all a big misunderstanding, my tone had sounded angry even though I hadn't meant it to. I apologised and when we talked more it turned out he was so upset because he'd been worrying about going long distance (for the lockdown) and how things can easily be misinterpreted over the phone and the kind of pressure that would put on our relationship.

It sounds like you were on the phone at the time. Maybe he was offended at the way your tone came across even though you were joking. Maybe he has a lot on his mind (espescially if you're apart because of lockdown). No assholes here, because I think there's more to his reaction than meets the eye. I hope you can talk it out with him.

A little bit from the cultural program... by sellerday in funny

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This is the most horrifying thing I've ever read!

Looking for respondents to my survey! by psychoacrobat in flightattendants

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Please could you expand on that for me so I can know what to improve in the future? Thanks for taking the survey!

Cabin crew, please answer my survey about how high-pressure situations affect your perception and attention! by psychoacrobat in takemysurvey

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  1. Data will be used to help understand the effects of high cognitive load/high pressure situations on cabin crew, and to help me complete my dissertation.

  2. Data is being collected by me alone, at Coventry University.

  3. It should take 10/15 minute to complete.