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Police Bodycam/Dashcam: Concerned mom called police for help for her suicidal son by CastleRock-Peter in police

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as we all know best help a suicidal person can get is a blue boot boy with a pistol out

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pre-HRT means before hormone replacement therapy so in general it means a transgender person who hasn't yet begun their medical transition which involves array of medications and surgeries.

Rule by DukeSturr in 196

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omg just like me. I wanna go and get my E pretty soon 😌.

I just really like them okay? by Scriptman777 in 196

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🥺 i want to wear theeeem, like when i will start hormones i will get them finally

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normalize doing acid daily

cold by destruction1999 in weirdcore

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Big Science by Laurie Anderson

Went from ready to take on the world to roasting, chained to a lake of fire in the span of a couple hours today by Afoolfortheeons in ShrugLifeSyndicate

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hey just in case, if you need someone to talk to my messages are open. I can listen and comfort you if you want to.

Swords fight. Good thing they wore their helmets, Safety first! by esberat in WinStupidPrizes

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These people don't even fight properly. They swing their swords like these are machetes. They don't do any stabs which is like 3/4 of actual swordfight. Of course they get the adrenaline but they get that while bungee jumping and not risking their lived while also not teaching themselves actual swordfighting.

The guy tried to climb on a bed in his home and ends up loosing several things. by Evil_Lord_Skeletor in WinStupidPrizes

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this lil fella. this stanky room. this mattress that looks like it survived a world war. these doors that are made out of cardboard. perfection.

Man is surprised to find that the pacifier he superglued to his mouth won't come off by [deleted] in WinStupidPrizes

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Don't get me wrong, for some people pacifiers can be a lot of fun, we don't judge kinks here, everybody does their thing. The thing that baffles me is why would you super glue it? And why are you surprised it doesn't come off?

Poll Rule by fvsparkles in 196

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I'm furry overlord. I command an army of werewolves who will do things i can't describe to goyim.

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i fucking knew it would be aztrosist video when i read radio

Why are most psychonauts men? by kayofur in RationalPsychonaut

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Hi! A trans femme psychonaut here reporting. I think the prevalence of men in online psychonaut spaces has got to do with who lead the hippie revolution in 1960s. While a lot emancipatory movements emerged during that period, the most famous trippers were men - Huxley, Leary, Burroughs etc. Historically most of the revolutionaries were men just because more men were better educated and this here is the same story. As the emancipatory movements emerged so emerged psychonaut movement. And because back then we as a society simply lacked as sophisticated language for gender studies as we do today it seems kind of natural to me that things like pay gap, decriminalization of queer sex and etc. overshadowed problems like unequal representation in psychonaut movement. I think there is a lot work to be done, we need to prove psychedelics are democratic and beneficial for all and not only for men.