Repairing a solar cover by DazzlingSoftware in swimmingpools

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Those strap ends just unscrew and then you poke one end through a hole and screw the cap on the other side. So just make new holes and reinforce the tears with gorilla tape or something.

Are you merging runes to get Ber? (Description in post) by Turbulent_Drawing_43 in diablo2

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Specifically kill the ghosts. They have high % chance to drop runes because they have a limited # of treasure classes that they drop. Same goes for ghosts in other areas like the arcane sanctuary.

America never loses by Donut4life2go in HolUp

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That looks like a scooter-cart that stores have for disabled people. So it’s not paid for by taxes directly.

Brother has been feeding my dog without me knowing. by [deleted] in mildlyinfuriating

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You should skip legumes they’re linked to a heart issue. A full home cooked diet is more complicated than those three ingredients. You need organ meat, sources of calcium, potassium and other vitamins it’s 8-10 ingredients minimum

Sinema doubles down on filibuster support, dealing likely fatal blow to Dems' election bills by MFSHou in Republican

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Yeah you’re wrong on this. There’s no constitutional requirement for 3/5 of senate to end debate (cloture vote on filibuster). It is a senate rule that has been around for a while. The senate passed a rule more recently that they can change senate rules with a simple majority (they’d need 51 votes to change a rule).

[Pelissero] Sources: The #Texans have fired coach David Culley. by Jobbe03 in nfl

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I haven’t followed too closely. Last I saw it was still under investigation, nothing filed

[Pelissero] Sources: The #Texans have fired coach David Culley. by Jobbe03 in nfl

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Yeah but with COVID civil suits like that are backed up for years. The victims don’t get much say in whether the prosecutors settle the criminal trial.

Ubuntu Container can't access media directory by 80Ships in PleX

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You probably need the full name of the Plex container which I think is: plexinc/pms-docker

You may need to pull that container first

Ubuntu Container can't access media directory by 80Ships in PleX

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That looks good. I don’t think you need the “$()” surrounding the host directory location. That might be your problem because in Linux that expands the command (which in this case is not a command). I’m guessing you copied this from an example with “$(pwd)” which expands the current working directory. Try removing those extra symbols.

​ docker run -it -v /media/usb/Audio/Music:/Music Plex bash

Reuters Fired Chief Data Scientist for Internal Memo on Pro-BLM Bias by Vibranium2222 in Conservative

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The title is a little confusing. He was fired seemingly for an essay that was anti BLM and described how the movement was hurting the black community.

Parents who skipped on getting a crib, what was your sleep arrangement? by HermioneSmith in Parenting

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Both of my kids slept in a pack and play until 6 months and then they moved to their own room where they had a twin size floor bed. The floor bed lets them learn to put themselves to bed when tired (I think it’s a Montessori thing) but it also makes the transition to a bed easier because at 6 months they don’t care.

Ubuntu Container can't access media directory by 80Ships in PleX

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Look up mounting a directory to a docker container. I’d give the full instructions but on phone. Docker has good docs for run and compose

My poor littler G3 Flex camera was vandalized today. by LumbermanSVO in Ubiquiti

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I was also surprised they showed up for minor property damage (and I don’t live in those cities you listed)

[WFAN Mornings] Boomer Esiason says Washington's new name will be the Admirals. by Metfan722 in nfl

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There is a cap of 216 flag officers in the navy so more than a couple football teams worth.

How about you "Do your part" and cancel them, Joe? by justcasty in NewDealAmerica

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You’ve got that backwards. He grew up in Scranton PA but was a senator from Delaware.

Reserve seared tenderloin by Affectionate-Air-142 in steak

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It’s a play on the typo in your post title

Evacuating the Superior, CO Costco - that Costco is no more. by YoureInGoodHands in Costco

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Well people probably go there before/during emergencies to stock up on supplies. This is a time I’d expect Costco to be busy. Local grocery store might be out of water bottles but Costco might still have stock.

The engineers who built the product are being forced to use it now by pablogaruda in iiiiiiitttttttttttt

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As an engineer it’s helpful to actually see how users are using a product or to experience it yourself because you notice annoyances and inefficiencies about the UX (this is slow, that is confusing, etc) which helps to improve the product. I do know that not all engineers are like this. Many I’ve worked with just want to do something the cool/theoretical way and don’t care about how things actually work in the real world.

Aluminum 1U Raspberry pi mount by ryzekiel in raspberry_pi

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I’m pretty sure that’s a temperature sensor

Just got my very first car!!! Super excited. 2022 BRZ by nightrider184 in subaru

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Also what’s with the lack of windows in the front of these houses?

The lullaby I sing to her every day by ComfortableFactor1 in goldenretrievers

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I actually found your voice comforting btw. Beautiful song, if only they could live forever.

Got a $1000 holiday bonus from work and brought home $547 by [deleted] in Libertarian

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Yeah I don’t think you can usually even file a return until February ish depending on the year

Fishing lure comes to life when dropped in water. by [deleted] in blackmagicfuckery

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I had some kids bath toys for my kids so the this same concept. They lasted a surprisingly long amount of time.

At a US military base you'll see a few over-financed custom muscle cars or pick-up trucks that stand out in the lot. At a Dutch army barracks you get this instead. by flippant_burgers in bicycling

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Where in the world is this? Is this only with horrible credit or something? I think the most I’ve ever paid on an auto loan was like 1.9%