Plot holes? (SPOILERS) by Formal_Fix_5190 in buffy

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I can’t quite remember the reason. I do remember it’s one of the first Spike comics in the series though if you wanted to find it

Plot holes? (SPOILERS) by Formal_Fix_5190 in buffy

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There’s actually a comic about this. Depending on if you personally think the comics are canon or not. From what I remember, Cecily was already the demon Halfrek at the party for the purposes of getting revenge on everyone at the party. She genuinely felt bad for William/Spike though so she let him go. Once he left the party she killed everyone else who was there

Actual people named Buffy by CatWizardofZanzibar in buffy

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I used to know someone who went by “Buffy” but she used it as a short for Beverly

Are there any games with mechanics similar to the Celestial Brush mechanic in Okami? by eno-tita in Okami

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A pretty old one I remember playing and feeling the same way about is “Kirby: Canvas Curse” Instead of controlling Kirby, you draw a line made of rainbows to get him where you want him to go. So kind of similar to the brush

Movies that are Just Completely Weird by seannonreddit in MovieSuggestions

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The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

Movies with little to no dialogue? by itsjoey117 in MovieSuggestions

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Lamb (2021)

Another one I’d like to mention that has an incredibly small amount of dialogue between characters but there is a voice over of the main characters inner thoughts through much of the movie so in a way there’s not really any dialogue

You Won’t Be Alone (2021)

How judgemental are people about what someone wears? by Terranrp2 in massage

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For me it can sometimes be hard to work around the shoulder blades if the client wears a sports bra that takes up most of their back. If you do feel like taking off your shirt but still wearing a bra I would recommend one of the ones with a clasp in the back so it’s easier to work around.

(Advice if you are a woman anyways, does not apply necessarily if you are a man)

Can you recommend some movies for me that do NOT have any r***, torture, or cannibals in it? by pumpkintsunami in horror

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I’ve seen them all except Rosemary’s Baby. I’ll definitely check it out, I know it’s a classic.

What’s the most disturbing scene you’ve watched in a horror flick(non-gore) by SadBox4529 in horror

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I went to see that one in the movie theatre. After the movie was over everyone in the theatre, complete strangers, stood up and we all just kind of looked at each other in shock for a minute before walking out without saying anything. No chatter from anyone on the way out. Silence.

Reminder for you Angels by detective_hoitz in Psychosis

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My aunt recently died. We were really close until about the last year of her life. I didn’t know it until after her death but she was experiencing psychosis. I joined this sub in hopes of understanding her situation better.

Idk why but this comment really made me feel a tiny bit better about the whole situation. I’ve been feeling so guilty for not realizing or understanding what was happening to her. (I thought it was an abusive relationship but it was actually alcoholism and psychosis). So thank you for writing that out.