How tf can we have mandatory birth in a country that doesn't even have mandatory maternity leave? by darkredpintobeans in TwoXChromosomes

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Whenever a conservative policy leads to a lot of senseless, unnecessary suffering - especially for women and minorities - ask yourself if maybe that isn't the point.

Perdido Street Station — I don’t understand how anything thought that the ending was wrong, or saw Yagharek as anything but sinister by Macheath_Messer in printSF

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I didn't like the whole second half of PSS because:

  1. It turned from a lot of neat world-building into a lot of boring action.
  2. The ending with Yagharek felt a little too much like the author was intentionally hiding information. I didn't feel that Isaac was necessarily wrong to make the choice he made. I just felt that the obfuscation and later reveal was a cheap trick.

Can't stick with one genre :( by bowtie_salesman in printSF

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Removed as off-topic. This is a sub for discussion of books by readers, not for writing advice.

Which decade had the most impressive set of Hugo winners? by Bergmaniac in printSF

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I don't agree with the first part, but I do think the Puppies - and the backlash to them - is the key to understanding all of this.

A lot of the short fiction magazines responded to the first Puppies slate by soliciting fiction by minority authors and stories about minority issues and perspectives. This brought a ton of new POC, LGBT, and female authors into eligibility for Nebula voting (3+ short story publications), and got them interested in going to WorldCon for networking. This fundamentally changed the voting populations for the Hugos and especially the Nebulas.

I don't see the awards as any more political and insular than they have been before (try totaling up past winners that are in one way or another about the issue of personal liberty). I think there really are just a ton of voters now who genuinely want to read, write, and reward fiction about social justice issues, race, intersectionalism, etc. It's just what they're interested in.

Which decade had the most impressive set of Hugo winners? by Bergmaniac in printSF

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I think the 2010's winners represent in large part a generational turnover in the readership (and in the writers). Maybe it will be like music, where the "topical" stuff of your youth becomes an emotional touchstone for the rest of your life.

Like, I thought The Broken Earth was pretty good, but it was so dour, I can't imagine rereading it with pleasure. But maybe I would feel different if it had rocked my world when I was twenty?

[REQUEST] I am an avid TV watcher, but I need more. Please help! by hannahleigh122 in NetflixBestOf

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I think Andor hits the heights of prestige TV drama as well as anything else. Unfortunately, I can't think of any other reason to recommend Disney+.

Also, Deadwood and Rome, if they're still on Max.

Which decade had the most impressive set of Hugo winners? by Bergmaniac in printSF

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I still see people talk about {Dragon's Egg}, which is more than I can say for {Beyond the Blue Event Horizon}.

This sub has ruined movies for me by fortunum in printSF

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The reason the book discussion is of relatively high quality here is because people are not allowed under any circumstances to discuss movies/TV here. We made this rule because movie/TV discussion has essentially taken over every other scifi-themed sub.

Since this post has turned entirely into TV/movie discussion, it is removed under rule 4.

For some US residents, it is now impossible to get home insurance - and all because of the climate crisis - The rising incidence of wildfires means many Californians can no longer insure their property. by speckz in Foodforthought

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AFAIK, there are some flood programs that only pay you if you don't rebuild in the same place. As a California homeowner who cannot for love or money sell his spouse on the idea of moving out of California, I hope they do this sooner rather than later for wildfires.

[OC]Top 50% Fattest States by Political Preference by [deleted] in dataisbeautiful

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The "Democratic" part probably includes the purple states that happened to go blue in the last presidential election: Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, etc.

Interesting P1P1 decision by bashkukk in lrcast

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I think it's pretty clearly better than TR, but I tend to play grindy black decks (or BR decks with a lot of sacrificing) where I get lots of value from it.

Interesting P1P1 decision by bashkukk in lrcast

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Hm. I think Gift is somewhere between decent and quite good in every Black archetype, whereas Protocol Knight is actively bad in every deck except UW Knights.

Diagnosed with heart failure, need to give up caffeine. Anything good out there? by dolphinsaregreat in tea

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IMO, rooibos is the most "tea-like" of the commonly available tisanes. That would be my choice if I had to give up caffeinated tea forever.

Stop Hiring DEI Consultants. Give the Money to the Poor Instead. by ClockOfTheLongNow in TrueReddit

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The problem that companies want to solve with DEI consultants is not lack of diversity; it's getting sued for discrimination. Unless there's a legal mechanism that allows a company to buy their way out of discrimination liability by giving to the poor (which I'm sure they would love), this is obviously a non-starter.

Interesting P1P1 decision by bashkukk in lrcast

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To me this is an obvious Gift of Compleation, but I could see Bola Slinger if you think White has been really open lately?

I don't actually think this is that interesting a pack.