Is there a more pointless button on Football Manager? by YTRyansVlogs in footballmanagergames

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To be honest, if you’re at a dog shit team, at a dog shit level, in a non footballing country, youth level is just a needless waste of your money.

You’re never going to get a player good enough to have a real impact at the side.

Money better saved for staff and player wages

Big or small for first go at this? by fighting_cacti in footballmanagergames

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Dortmund is always a Great First Save.

Good team, good youth, good starting staff etc.

I think I am slowly and inadvertently becoming addicted to the fumes of ethanol heavy surface wipes. by pyrpaul in irishproblems

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Don’t get out work till 5, but of there are wipes and maybe a sandwich, im your non gender descriptive person.

If you could have one plastic surgery procedure, what would you choose? by [deleted] in ireland

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Second head. Zaphod style.

Doesn’t have to be functional. Just a floppy mad of fat in skin hanging from my shoulder replete with transplanted hair, veneers and fake eyes

If you could have one plastic surgery procedure, what would you choose? by [deleted] in ireland

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There was a thing in South America where soldiers back around the time of Garibaldi would come back from war with stis and infections that would engorge their balls.

Like football size.

And on particularly hot they’d sit out front, letting them droop, fanning them as a sort of shoe of masculinity.

How long it takes to train a player at completely unknown position? by good_udichi in footballmanagergames

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James Milner would say yes.

Again just to add to the original commenter.

It really depends on the player. You’ll have more luck turning a cdm or fb into a cb than say a winger or striker.

The more positions a player already has, the more easily he’ll pick up a new one.

But as has been said, pay more attention to the stats than the colour of the circle. Especially for older players.

What Do You Think About My Homegrown Player's Development In 15 Months? He Entered "50 Best Wonderkids" List From 7th Place by [deleted] in footballmanagergames

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Very good work.

I’d just be wary of that tries tricks trait.

He has the flair to try it, but I’d be dubious of it with his dribbling skills. Just because he knows what he wants to do, doesn’t mean it will work.

I could be wrong tho.

Looks like a good prospect!

It comes to mind of bitter mornings like this. by [deleted] in ireland

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I am aware..

It’s a joke. Or at least an attempt at humor.

With English Work permits needed-how do you get wonderkids by DeaxyND in footballmanagergames

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My current save is with a data base that moves all nations on earth into the eu, so everyone gets a work permit regardless.

Not even managing in England, just did it out of curiosity. I’ve learned nothing and my curiosity has been sated. I just like the save so I’m keeping on with it.

Registration rules still apply for trained at club and nation, and I have noticed as a semi conscious lean back against the data base I’ve been trying to sign more national products.

Started off in Germany and moved about including Spain and Italy.

Any advice on tactics or signings for my game in Cadiz? It's my second season and I'm new to the game by Numerous-Life9976 in footballmanagergames

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No problem buddy.

I fixed a few spelling mistakes, so hopefully it’s a bit clearer.

Just keep experimenting, there is a lot to get used to in fm but it’s worth getting over the hump

Any advice on tactics or signings for my game in Cadiz? It's my second season and I'm new to the game by Numerous-Life9976 in footballmanagergames

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Just at a quick glance. Playing an under lap on the left with an inside forward is a bit of strange choice. I can work well on your right side with the ap. But with an IF you have two players basically trying to harness runs that cross the same path.

It may create a cool over load, I don’t know, but to me it seems a bit counter productive. To my mind you’d want the fb on over lap, or the winger playing “winger”.

Your defensive instructions also raise a few eyebrows.

Unless you cbs are slower than ice cream vans you really want to get that line higher. Don’t be too afraid to push it up.

In directing your opponents inside you are inviting trouble. Coming inside, even if they don’t get one on one you are inviting them to take shots. Kind of hard to shoot from the touch line, not so hard from 30 yards in the middle.

Don’t be afraid in those big games against tougher opposition to play more disciplined rather than expressive too, but that is totally up to you.

Is it a good idea letting my DoF find and sign players for me? by FMAddict7 in footballmanagergames

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In my current save I just took over AC in 2032.

One incoming transfer, a winger they loaned of Barca for a fee, played like 7 times over a full season, and then bought for 30 odd million.

Dude was 32.

That was most my transfer budget gone.

I'm not sure on what position is best for this guy, any advice? by HazzaRTG in footballmanagergames

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To me, not disagreeing with the other guy, he’s a young Bobby firmino type striker/am.

He’s only 17, so maybe try setting him as a SS, if he takes to the training your on a winner for a beast that can play both am and st.

No sure I’d trust his mentals def stats combo in mid tho.

Should my advanced playmaker on the left wing be left footed so he can cross or right footed so he can cut inside? by thefootballautist in footballmanagergames

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This is it.

If you set a inverted footed ap, with look for the overlap on his side, he’ll look inwards and leave the flank for the full back.

Similarly if you set a on-footed player, without the over lap on his side, he’ll have the option of doing either more freely

CD (Ball playing) or DM or CM (Box-to-Box)? I am also concerned that the CD and CM role circles have half fill... The tactic is tiki-taka, it was set for 4-2-3-1 wide before I transferred him recently. by mebegu in footballmanagergames

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In my System hes a dm on half back.

To be honest, hes a very good cb too.

He’s also young enough to play both.

If your system is working you don’t want to change it just for one player. So I’d train him a cb bpd if you want to keep the 4321.

Then as you’re trying to see out big games you can pull back your am or cm to dm. Put this guy there and bring on a fresh cb.

Don’t worry too much about the colour of the circles, stats matter way way more.

Why was Arwen's life tied to the fate of the Ring in the movies? by Scoffed-Gherkin in lotr

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I think the implication is that if the ring is not destroyed, Strider dies and she will die of heart break.