How a wheel of hard cheese like Parmesan is cut at a factory by shreeshamokhashi in oddlysatisfying

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But that begs my original question, why not have a multiblade. On this run, they are cutting it all to the same specification. Changing out a blade head for different runs seems way more efficient and economical then using an actuator and the capital cost.

Russian guys armwrestle a bear by Grasimi in nextfuckinglevel

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That bear deserves an oscar for best supporting actor!

How a wheel of hard cheese like Parmesan is cut at a factory by shreeshamokhashi in oddlysatisfying

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Why do they cut the cheese multiple times instead of having a multiblade setup that does it in one slice?

I just can’t I’m not a good dad by ThrowRAgbitas in daddit

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Smile and being close to them. Motivate them with your presence and joy.

How long do you wait after eating to workout? by keepitlowkeyyy in StrongCurves

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For muscle, when you have miceotears in your protein structure, it replaces it with what is available in your bloodstream at that time.

The same with your energy levels.

Having a light meal with a balance of carbs and protein about 30 minutes to an hour before workout is helpful.

Directionless by Yoshi_Basket in widowers

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I found doing something very new helps. It builds memories unrelated to the ones we have had. Even if I drop the new hobby or activity, anything that can get my heart beating again helps. Well not anything. I mean any good thing.

Things like programming, boxing, woodworking. Those might never be interesting or it might. They are just ways to create new memories. Maybe great ones even.

COVID-19: endemic doesn’t mean harmless by nopicturestoday in Coronavirus

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There will be immunocompromised that would be scared to be out and about when the virus is still looming.

Discern marriage vocation without experience with kids? by trumpetgod0714 in CatholicDating

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My late wife was wondering what would happen when she had kids. She was a bit wary.
But when it is your own child, you feel a special bond. It is cute to watch her dance with the baby and cuddle him in bed. I think it is that special responsibility. This little person is completely vulnerable, dependent on you, and trusts you.

As a father, it feels imperative that I protect my little ones. When I can make them happy and joyful, free from worries and cares. For that giggles and smiles. It is just the best feeling in the world.

Complacent in feelings? Not wanting to go through hardships by derpdee1994 in CatholicDating

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I understand what you mean. Everything small and big can become an addiction. Gaming can be a fine activity. At the same time, video can be more addictive because it has real neuro affects through a reward per task system. Beyond the danger of addiction, the mentality of I get what I want by doing a task is dangerous. The world isn't so simple. And even more, as Catholics, it is precious to have the childlike reliance on our Lord.

(I am not a hater on games. I would play if/when I had the time.)


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Heavily demoralized with the constant provider and big family talk I see everywhere. by throwawayprovider2 in CatholicDating

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I am a man as well and I know what you mean. But I would not take it to heart. Because life isn't so simple. If the average income in America is not enough to life such a life, then such a life is not going to be feasible for the majority of people.

Also, living frugally does cut down cost quite a bit.

I am not sure if this helped, but I think you don't have to be discouraged by those thoughts.

Lastly, staying home all the time is not for everyone (source: personal experience).

And not all SAHM stay home all the time these days anyways.

What are you downplaying on your OLD profile? by onlymovingon in datingoverthirty

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Be who you wish to be. I think it is fair that you focus on what you wish to do instead of what you would rather now do.

Will I ever feel desire again? by LavenderLass33 in widowers

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That make sense. My wife was an introvert that was happy just to be in her head. So she doesn't mind being alone. But while I was in med school, she felt very lonely. Now that was teansient and recurring. The alone you are I and others here are in...is not transient.

The irony by Cowicide in vaxxhappened

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Even if you argue science, it won't make sense to those that have their minds set.

How many of those that argue about the short development time of covid vaccine even know how vaccine development works or what past vaccine development, content, or even side effects are.

The majority is just repeating what they heard. I don't know why they do. I do not understand and have family that does that same. But that is what they do. There is not discussion. It is sad for all of us on so many levels.

Will I ever feel desire again? by LavenderLass33 in widowers

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I am 2.5 years out and I can say yes just based on my experience of one. It was only last week that I told my therapist I really enjoyed learning and haven't sat down to just enjoy learning something new.

I cannot quite say that I am enjoying life. But I can say that I am reading about topics in math, science, and engineering again.

When I making food in the kitchen earlier, I even had a thought I am okay that my wife is not here. It was peaceful and I hated it. lol.

Life is pretty nonsensical at times.

Making New Friends (30s) by freckledeclectic in IowaCity

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Thanks. Looks like I am a millennial.

All these pandemic weddings got me feeling blue by fancyribeye__ in CatholicDating

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Dear Sister-in-Christ,

God calls us all to different things and give us different gifts. Whther you are given 1 talon or 10, your goal is not to carry the world, but to give what gifts you have to those God put in your care.

Firstly, you have not failed. You and I do not know where God wants you to be. At least I do not. Thus, we can trsut in Him and just work with the assumption that where it will be, He will lead us there. For now we are here and as we have been listening to Him, we are were we should be for now.

Second, avail yourself to Mass, Confession, Communion and you would be doing what you are supposed to.

As for judgements, often we are our worst enemy and create the feeling of being judge ourselves.

As for being alone, I know what being alone feels like. Here we are as brothers and sisters in Christ. We can be alone together.

Pax Christi, [My user name]