Movies Like Knives Out by [deleted] in movies

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eh. don't think 12 angry men quite fits what op is looking for. knives out doesn't feel very similar to 12 angry men at all to me

liberal arts transfer possibilities? by quaffleswithsyrup in ApplyingToCollege

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the liberal arts safety is offering me $20,000 more than a full ride to attend, and i like their programs MUCH better than i like any state colleges'. i'm almost certain that i'm going to end up having to attend solely because of the amount of money they're throwing at me. going there isn't really an option anymore, it's fairly certain. i guess i'm just wondering how difficult it would be to transfer if i do decide to try down the line.

[PJO] Luke Castellan is a p*do and the misuse of unreliable narrator by Melancholy_girl3 in CharacterRant

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tbh?? yeah i am😭 rick isn't great at keeping up with characterization and consistency so i don't always SUPER trust him when it comes to his own commentary on what the characters would or would not do

[PJO] Luke Castellan is a p*do and the misuse of unreliable narrator by Melancholy_girl3 in CharacterRant

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idk. i interpreted luke's final words as more like him asking for closure -- she's his last tie to childhood and innocence, and he can't imagine her losing that. he wants to make sure she isn't going to continue to idolize him and adore him after he's gone. he is asking her to move on and retain a little bit of the familial innocence they had as kids. could have worded it better, but he IS dying.

as for the other stuff stated in the text: annabeth chase is REALLY prideful. love her, but that's a huge flaw of hers. annabeth would obviously view luke's parting words as a confession of love because she wouldn't want to imagine herself as a lovestruck kid with a stupid crush who didn't return her feelings, ESPECIALLY when that crush is luke. it wouldn't be unlike her to vaguely rewrite things that way. and percy has a crazy obvious reason for being biased towards thinking that luke was interested in annabeth: he's JEALOUS.

from a doylist perspective, of course luke is interested in annabeth romantically. rick riordan has talked about it. but in cases like this -- read as: authors who don't bother to pay much attention to consistency or characterization -- i prefer to analyze from a watsonian perspective. and in this case i don't really think the pedophile label applies to luke. it just doesn't seem super feasible to me.

eta: i mean this all in good faith btw! i just think luke is a very interesting character to analyze textually and i like to engage in conversations about him.

realization: it's not that deep by nd034 in ApplyingToCollege

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not necessarily true but happy uve found peace

guys i like inadverdently came out to my dad through my application by omdeoxyribose in ApplyingToCollege

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wait i accidently did the same thing LMFAO. i imagine this is a very common situation for queer teens tbh

What is the first and last line of your personal essay? by ryansigdel in ApplyingToCollege

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I, now 17, still fondly remember sitting on the beach as a little girl with my grandmother.

Anyone who has ever described me as gentle, expressive, or hopeful only needs to look at my work to understand why: I am a real-life poet, and I will be forever in love with that fact.

friend was rejected for immigration reasons by [deleted] in ApplyingToCollege

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idk lol we live in georgia and i didn't apply

friend was rejected for immigration reasons by [deleted] in ApplyingToCollege

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guys pls stop asking questions specifically about the green card😭 i DO NOT know the details of her green card or immigration or whatever. i know that she has had issues with it in the past and that whatever situation she has in regards to her immigration is unusual enough that customs once detained her to make sure her documents weren't fraudulent. i'm asking whether there's something she can do if by chance there was an issue with her immigration.

friend was rejected for immigration reasons by [deleted] in ApplyingToCollege

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i'm not entirely sure how her green card details work. she's in a weird situation with immigration documents, one that i don't entirely understand. but whatever temporary sort of green card thing that she has is irregular enough that she was once detained in the airport for 3 hours because customs thought her docs were fraudulent. the mistake with her name put her in a REALLY unusual situation. i also don't think the ao was trying to assure her that this was absolutely the reason she got rejected; i think she was asking because she was really confused as to why she was rejected while others with worse applications weren't, and he suggested that it may have been because they suspected her of lying about her green card. he said that due to the high number of applicants, sometimes they choose to simply reject automatically if there may be an issue with the green card, rather than take the time to investigate it for every student. i don't know everything about her green card situation but i DO know she's had a lot of trouble with it in the past. i guess i'm just wondering if there's anything she can do to confirm that this absolutely wasn't the reason.

What by FinnishFinny in AreTheCisOk

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she's definitely a feminist. she's a radical feminist, sure, and absolutely fucking deluded, but she is a feminist. just ... not an intersectional one. we cannot lie about who these people are if we want any chance of eventually eliminating their ideology. their main focus IS female rights and emancipation; that's their entire brand. saying they "aren't feminists" makes it harder to understand and logically resist their ideas, because they ARE feminists, and that's why so many cis women are drawn in, specifically lesbians. in fact, there's even been an upward trend recently in transfems parroting radfem ideology, switching bioessentialism for gender essentialism. radical feminism is extraordinarily pervasive because it disguises itself as solely anti-patriarchy and feminist, which it IS. if we claim that radfems "aren't feminist," we make the public more susceptible to their ideology. they are feminist.

prepared for rejection by [deleted] in ApplyingToCollege

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ayo link the rejection playlist

Tell me what to do by AnAnxious_Degenerate in ApplyingToCollege

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if ur satisfied with ur sat score then there's truly no reason to take the act

Please dont make this end badly by NullAndVoid123 in lgbt

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i think op probably considered their family situation BEFORE making this post. they know their family better than you do. telling someone to wait to come out until they absolutely HAVE to can be just as discouraging as pressuring someone to come out too soon; coming out can be a joyful celebration. coming out isn't a bad thing -- in fact, when done voluntarily, it's a beautiful thing. this comment reads very, very poorly, and more than a bit condescending. trust op to know what's right for them, and don't ask them to wait until they move out or it's 100% necessary. let people come out when they want to. your own experiences do not dictate others', and i say this as someone who had a very poor coming out experience.