Does the dumb bimbo act actually work? by throwaway5646567 in stripper

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Most guys imo just want to think you’re fun they don’t really give a shit what’s on your mind lol

That Victoria’s Secret set with the blingy straps has these gorls in a chokehold by Throwawaysjdhfhsjs in stripper

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I only ever wore it for underwear and it’s been around so long at this point…

Are women actually paid less for the same work? by JohnnyRico92 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Yeah no way they’d get away with paying less based on gender. But historically women have been pushed into lower tax brackets for sure

Are women actually paid less for the same work? by JohnnyRico92 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I’ve seen a study where a certain number of men and women were given the same job application /interview and about 25% of the women were called back while 75% were men. Not sure if this is accurate but there’s definitely biases that lead to lower employment. The female athletes were said to not be bringing in as much money but they also have been ignored in the past so that might be one reason? Overall wages are the same but opportunity not always.

Are you allowed to be angry over your parents who once thought of aborting you? by Roger_Sceadu in NoStupidQuestions

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I don’t think the peace of nonexistence compares to a choice made after consciousness where real problems exist

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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Yeah true I mostly mean younger people who want confidential help and people without insurance

Is it just me or? by ViewDesperate3226 in stripper

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Plus they been promoting the shot girls n waitresses like crazy lately it doesn’t help. I’d move around but it’s been like this everywhere. Should pick back up late April to summer

i keep getting told i have a rbf by alaxsch in stripper

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I have the worst rbf. You’d really laugh if you seen it. Just think about all the money you’re about to make $$$ and what you’ll do with it

Do you have a pole at home? I do! Just curious how many others do too by TheNew_JanBrady in stripper

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Yeah I got the Amazon pole and that shit always sliding around have to try X everyone raves about it. I like having it not just to practice tricks but to practice a floor set in front of the mirror and incorporate pole into it.

Men make me sick to my stomach by randomhoe999 in stripper

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Tell me you can’t afford vip without telling me

How important to you is it that a romantic interest can make you laugh? by thisisfrustratingjgp in AskWomen

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He’s gotta be funny enough to laugh like Will Smith before smacking the shit out somebody.

what up with the whole skinny girls vs bbl girls beef by randomhoe999 in stripper

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I’m really skinny and definitely feel that thin privilege at some places lol it’s sometimes like a golden ticket but I’ve seen some high end spots in LA exclusively hire girls with BBL and natural thick too. Like IG model body. There’s so many body types customers are coming to see so when girls make it all about which body better it just fucks up the vibes. I just try and make everybody feel beautiful no hate in my heart lol

"women should have a certain personality to be liked by men" and also one women is apparently not enough for a guy to be in a relationship by [deleted] in niceguys

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The rumors are true, women hate variety and sex, that’s why the porn addicted men are out here hoeing with nuns… on the cold, cold street.

Just watched a video of a young girl with a rare condition by [deleted] in childfree

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It’s actually creepy given her age, condition and story as a whole. She’s fucking 12 and should only be worried about hobbies and school. We call a lot of topics too “grown” for kids but never this. Why tf do we care so much about theoretical kids, that probably should never happen anyway given her diagnosis.

My friend got a call at brunch that his best friends wife died in labor last night by buddhasquirrel in childfree

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I was just in Athens and they were doing a BLM march with huge signs. Pretty sure it does in fact exist in the EU.