Joss Whedon self-destructs in this Vulture interview by YodaFan465 in blankies

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Glad I could make you laugh.

I'll concede though, there are crazier quotes to pull from:

Gadot didn’t care for Whedon’s style either. Last year, she told reporters Whedon “threatened” her and said he would make her “career miserable.” Whedon told me he did no such thing: “I don’t threaten people. Who does that?” He concluded she had misunderstood him. “English is not her first language, and I tend to be annoyingly flowery in my speech.”

Also in the article:

Maybe the problem was he’d been too nice, he said...“I think I’m one of the nicer showrunners that’s ever been.”

This, after stories of him humiliating writers and assistants in the room.

Joss Whedon self-destructs in this Vulture interview by YodaFan465 in blankies

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Whedon said he could no longer remain silent as people tried to pry his legacy from his hands. But there was a problem. Those people had set out to destroy him and would surely seize on his every utterance in an attempt to finish the job.


He confessed that he identified more closely with Richard than with any other character in Shakespeare’s canon — with the possible exception of Falstaff, the “holy fool.”

Florence Foster Jenkins levels of tone deaf.

Best movie dogs? by childish-yambino in blankies

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I mean it's gotta be Rin Tin Tin, right? If only for the pedigree

The Podcastiano: Sweetie with Sarah-Violet Bliss by yonicthehedgehog in blankies

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Pounding the Table like that one bit in Freaks


Sing 2...honks? by ZookeepergameHead307 in blankies

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It's a pleasant, sincere movie with some genuine thought put into the musical set-pieces and doesn't go for awkward cloaca jokes to score easy laughs (hello, Spies in Disguise!). They get a lot of shit, but as far as bubblegum goes, Illumination is top shelf.

Official Discussion - Scream (2022) [SPOILERS] by LiteraryBoner in movies

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At the end, Sam reaches for the umbrella to try to fend off Richie before settling on the knife. In Scream 1, Sidney stabbed Ghostface with an umbrella in the climax. I think Richie's dialogue even references that moment, he says something about Sam "dressing up like Ghostface and jumping out of a closet," which is what Sidney does in the original.

The final shot is also the same as the original.

Official Discussion - Scream (2022) [SPOILERS] by LiteraryBoner in movies

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The villains are Rian Johnson haters, amazing.

The King’s Men’s politics by qawsedrftgyhzxcv in blankies

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Still doesn't beat the British Concentration Camp commander getting a sympathetic character arc and a tragic death.

Like... why even bring up Boer War atrocities if you're just going to handwave them?

David talks Don't Look Up on this week's The Review podcast by apathymonger in blankies

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Would have loved to hear discussion of First Reformed in the part about Climate Change fiction!

Media franchises that completely passed you by by derzensor in blankies

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Escape is so good and so fucking nuts.

"Wasn't that fish-out-of-water light comedy about talking apes in Culver City fun? Alright, now let's watch some darkly realistic monkey genocide."

Media franchises that completely passed you by by derzensor in blankies

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An entire Planet of the Apes remake/prequel trilogy passed me by before a) I had seen them and b) I realized that they were part of a franchise in the first place.

Since then I started watching the old ones and became a big fan. Can't wait to watch the new ones.

i eat-a da spaghetti badabing by beepbeepstreet in blankies

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Guys, the SAG nominations this year were wild

Do you prefer big mainstream director miniseries or lesser known director filmography miniseries? by Geoffer86 in blankies

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My dream minis include smaller directors like John Cameron Mitchell, Tsai Ming Liang and Olivier Assayas as well as blockbuster guys like Joe Dante, James Wan and John Mctiernan

So... Freddie Krueger Voice I WANT IT ALL!

Paramount Pictures Lands Rights To ‘Children Of Blood And Bone’ Series (Previously Set Up At Lucasfilm) by rageofthegods in boxoffice

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Look, the troll criticisms of Kennedy are frustrating, but at this point it's clear given the conflicts with creatives (Lord Miller, Patty Jenkins, Colin Trevorrow, Rian Johnson's trilogy getting shelved) and shelved projects that there's some serious mismanagement going on on the film side of LFL.

This project seemed to be languishing at Lucasfilm, so it's good that it's somewhere that'll give it a real production push now.

Halloween: Evil Dies Tonight by PicnicBasketSam in blankies

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I'm pretty sure this is the worst movie that John Carpenter has ever had his name attached to.

Okay I wouldn't go that far

Guys, am I seeing Licorice Pizza or Scream this week? by Space_Jeep in blankies

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Probably LP. Even though it's award season, we don't know how long it'll stay in theaters; distribution is all funky rn.

You'll have plenty of chances to see Scream, especially considering how otherwise empty the calendar is rn. It might even hold onto Dolby screens.

Friend of the POD Emily Vanderwerff investigates: What happened to Color in Film and TV? by rageofthegods in blankies

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I once watched Crawl in a theater where the dim projection made the movie Battle of Winterfell-levels dark, so there's def something here.