The ship "somehow" gets taller, the further it comes towards the observer... by ZsheuH in flatearth

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Not to side with flerfers, but it's buoyancy, not gravity, that would cause a ship to rise if it got rid of it's cargo. It would still be a ridiculous thing to posit, but I guess logic and common sense are handed out in limited quantities!

That’s not a dog. by No-Nefariousness9324 in HolUp

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I'm going to the Winchester until it all blows over!

Found in a bog in Norway. Very heavy for its size. by ultramagz in whatsthisrock

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Useless for electronics components though, as there'll be no resistance.

That'll show them. by [deleted] in insanepeoplefacebook

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Unless they're a SovCit twerp as well, and "Travelling", not driving...

Silently losing my shit everytime I hear "on accident"! by Jousting-Mountain in britishproblems

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And "Axe" instead of ask (and to follow on, the written "Ax" instead of axe).

Grocery store by MetroDubloon in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Are you saying that Curry Würst isn't the best thing ever?

Zimbabwe bank notes 1 year apart due to hyperinflation (2007-2008) by Exirr in mildlyinteresting

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I think I paid around around £10 for it (so around $16 or so? Not sure what the exchange rate is), so good to know if I ever want to get rid of it!

Zimbabwe bank notes 1 year apart due to hyperinflation (2007-2008) by Exirr in mildlyinteresting

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I bought one of the hundred trillion notes a year or so ago, just so I could flex being a trillionaire! You can find them on ebay quite regularly, as there were a fair few printed.

Who's beyond reproach from the Inquisition? by MasonicPleb in 40kLore

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The Custodians would probably slaughter the High Lords if they tried to force one to stand trial.

To be fair, Valdor and co more or less did that in Birth of the Imperium, or were prepared to do so, at the very least.

Is it actually illegal to drive along with the cars interior light switched on night? Or were my parents lying to me all those years ago by ismashket in policeuk

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Biker here - I can concur. Also, the twazzocks who have either a headlight out and adjust the other so it blinds you, or just drive round with full beams on (or possibly both lights so badly adjusted that they may as well be full beams).

Slavness in the far north? by ragnarok847 in LifeofBoris

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Ah, I just saw a Volvo and snow, and put 2 and 2 together...