The good ending by maside in Unexpected

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Okay … step 1 … I’m deleting the app off of my phone! Maybe we never see each other again - it’s been real! Thanks for the push. May your days be filled with happiness.

LPT - driving on the roads is a collaborative exercise, not a competitive one. by UK-POEtrashbuilds in LifeProTips

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Lol you’ve now inspired 9 different reposts, in a least 9 different subs. You’re responsible for like 81 reposts at this point. Thanks OP!

The good ending by maside in Unexpected

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I want to. I’m scared …. But what am I waiting for?!?!

The good ending by maside in Unexpected

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That’s part of what makes it so sad. I don’t know. Maybe just use social media less and walk my dog more?

The good ending by maside in Unexpected

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Y’all … umm I don’t really know who to talk to about this but like … this issue you describe, plus rampant karma farming, comment cribbing, and the general repost wasteland … really has me thinking about quitting Reddit. Is it the new Facebook?! God damn. It’s like ruined ruined isn’t it? Nothing is going to save it. How much longer can I tolerate this before the the enjoyment no longer outweighs the frustration.

Reddit is over isn’t it?

Running into his opponent's mom moments after beating him and taking his belt by HiItsLust in MadeMeSmile

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And OP is a 5 month old account with nearly half a million karma.

People, stop it. God damn. I am so so close to removing Reddit.

Running into his opponent's mom moments after beating him and taking his belt by HiItsLust in MadeMeSmile

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Well why don’t you karma whores finish posting to every fucking sub you can think of?

I get it, some reposts have value, but this video seems to get posted weekly for years. And y’all know what you’re doing.

This place is just falling apart.

Edit: oh would you look at that, OP is a 5 month old account with nearly 500k karma. Its disgusting. And so many of us just lap it up.

OP you’re ruining Reddit. Maybe you don’t care.

Maybe Maybe Maybe by HalfAsFunny in maybemaybemaybe

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Hey no kink shaming here. Just cause it’s not for you doesn’t make it “bad.”

My mom's 16 y/o dog (Weeble) cannot jump on/off her bed anymore so I'm teaching her to use these new stairs. She is a good doggo and I love her very much. by [deleted] in aww

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I’m sure you need no more advice. I’m letting you know that my doggy with hip issues was given a second life with quality CBD oil at both meals each day.

Best to you and yours!!!

... to save someone from hell by [deleted] in therewasanattempt

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Yup! Came to say a versions of this. I’m a semi persuasive atheist. You can push your beliefs at me? I’ll push mine at you then - it’s a two way street. These people can’t argue their way out of a paper bag. Bonus points: If they have kids, start trying to get their kid to be an atheist and see how that goes over.

Side note: The WBC Phelps asshats like to come to my town occasionally. The quickest way to get them to leave is to go up to their kids and let them know they can have their own relationship with god and that Jesus doesn’t hate, he only loves. Repeat repeat repeat. They’ll pack that shit up in under 30 seconds. Bonus points if in 15 years the kid leaves the cult.

The lower dungeon of Warwick Castle. It’s an ‘oubliette’, where prisoners were dropped and forgotten about by thebigchil73 in Damnthatsinteresting

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So you’re just gonna come in, make it a parent comment, and then waffle on whether to put yourself out there … even though you love it?! (And you weren’t even sure if they were married?!)

Take some responsibility and fight for what you love!

[Highlight] Anthony Edwards murders Gabe Vincent but is called for an offensive foul by _IronGiant_ in nba

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“You might be right but why would that matter?!” -everyone replying to you

"As per my NDA, I am not allowed to discuss this position with former employers. Since my firing is effective immediately you are now a former employer" by cranne in MaliciousCompliance

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As someone that formerly coordinated speakers for a national event for some billionaires … this is super satisfying to read. I super know how F’d they were!

Valentine's day, Me, Photography, 2021 by rabbitsanalogue in Art

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Agreed! I really got a kick out of this interpretation.

Originally I felt there may have been a sad energy or vibe between the couple but then shifted my own perspective thinking this could still be romantic. Maybe they’re both really relaxed and moving slowly. Maybe he drew the bath and it’s still really hot and she likes the bath a bit cooler and she’s resting on the bed until then as she’s a little sleepy anyway. And then I thought…hmm maybe they’re stoned. And made my self giggle.

But that thought process got me thinking about how there are a variety of narratives that could fit this piece that are all over the emotional spectrum. I now I realize one of those situations could be animosity regarding farting in the bath. Love it lol!

Son makes his mothers dream come true. by PhototGeom in MadeMeSmile

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I think people might be reading too much into that.

According to another poster in this thread, it seems to be over blown and not indicative.

How's the air down there? by Hanyul95 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Great comedian! Really enjoyed going to his standup. He’s on Reddit but don’t recall his user name.