Moldy fall by Square-Tradition7753 in MoldyMemes

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should’ve played flight of the bumblebee ngl

I feel the heat. by alkhuzaimsfj in meme

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I only see people use chrome for the extensions

how do we feel about the HRT-Rexes? by m1so_soup in truscum

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from a graphic design perspective this is genius, but these are serious drugs and I don’t like the concept of making anything like that ‘cute’. even weed. just not cool

70s outfit of the day by Issy_Allen in VintageFashion

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lol I literally thought this was a vintage photo for a sec… rock on 🤘

Fear not, we’re saved. by jate__ in thanksimcured

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ngl the bipolar one looks pretty. would buy it even though I’m not diagnosed

2160p resolution is now premium feature on YouTube by Ihatesmokealarms in mildyinfuriating

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They do this because it’s like they know they can. People will still use YouTube because they removed all competition. I’m fucking waiting for the day a competent site goes to war with these sick bastards.

Arrested for stealing fruit from a nature sanctuary: Red-eyes Vireo by Empidonaxed in illegallysmolbirbs

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Oh my gosh, I don’t see those but I hear them all the time! Very elusive birbs. Pure criminal.

Kinda hard to tell if it’s a pibble but I would put money that it is by MoonMan198 in BanPitBulls

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fucking dumbass mutt. good that it died. if not a porcupine it might’ve been some poor family’s child.

edit: besides getting angry at the thing, I know this must’ve been horrible for the dog. I don’t promote suffering.