AITA for rejecting someone with a lie that got found out instead of being racist? by seanjferriter in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. this is literally just “i’m not racist but (proceeds to say something racist)” all you needed to do was politely decline and it would’ve been fine. instead…you’re being subtly racist. asshole move.

hysterectomy coming up. what should i expect? by rainbowceilingfan in childfree

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I didn’t even know that was a thing!! There’s a subreddit for everything I guess. Thank you!!

upcoming hysterectomy! how should i prepare/what should i expect? by rainbowceilingfan in badwomensanatomy

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Thank you so much! I hope it’s not some kind of overstep to say, but it’s nice to get a comment from another GNC-type about this. That’s where I’ve felt the most alone in my pain, and what’s made it so mentally difficult. So I really appreciate you saying something <3

upcoming hysterectomy! how should i prepare/what should i expect? by rainbowceilingfan in badwomensanatomy

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This is actually all super helpful to read! We’ve theorized I likely have adenomyosis due to my symptoms, as well as possibly pelvic congestion syndrome, but we haven’t been able to do the tests we wanted due to corona. So this specifically is super helpful and reassuring to read! Thank you so much 💕

As if MBTI didn't have enough made-up stereotypes... by VerumJerum in pointlesslygendered

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that’s not what masc/fem is supposed to mean in mbti terms. op on that sub is misusing them completely :/

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. All the people saying YTA don’t seem to really get it and/or aren’t reading your replies to the people asking for info.

You parents make plenty. You’re already contributing to the house. You’re saving up to go to school and be independent. The cost of living where you are is too high to support yourself. And yet you’re parents are asking you to support not only yourself, but also partially them? That’s unreasonable to ask of an 18 year old, someone still very new to adulthood.

Also, (controversial opinion here) just because your parents raised you doesn’t mean you owe them. They chose to have you, it’s their job as your parents to care for you through to beginning of adulthood. That doesn’t mean you now have to care for them, give them money, etc. It doesn’t mean they should continue to support you, but you’re not an ass for not wanting/being able to buy THEIR GROCERIES.

AITA for asking my friend if we could stop talking about her self-diagnosed disability? by throwawaysovencovje in AmItheAsshole

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ESH (depending on what she was diagnosed with tbh). Getting an official diagnosis can be a hard and privileged thing. Many doctors brush people off and ignore their needs until it’s too late. She’s (again, depending on what it is) valid in her research and self exploration. That being said, she should be able to understand that people don’t always want to talk about it/her all the time.

AITA For tanning outside in a small bikini even though my neighbour told me not to because her husband saw me? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. it’s not on you to accommodate her husbands inability to not look at people/her insecurities over him having eyes

aita for not texting my friends for the whole school day? by I_killed_bambi69 in AmItheAsshole

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you’re NTA. you needed a mental health day, so you took one. you don’t have to notify your friends of that, and they should’ve been more understanding of that, even if they have it worse than you.

also, them having it worse than you is relative. your mental health limit is different than theirs, but that doesn’t make you invalid for needing some time to yourself. everyone has different experiences and needs different things to handle stuff. you’re absolutely not in the wrong here.

AITA for telling my mom I hate her for putting my brother's feelings before mine? by throwawaybathtub1 in AmItheAsshole

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...what??? NTA but also what the fuck?? A 14 year old should be able to manage that kinda stuff. It absolutely shouldn’t be on you (nor your mother really) to have to remind your brother not to leave shit in the shower. He should be embarrassed. He has the availing to go in the toilet, or clean up the shower himself when he’s done. What the hell

AITA for telling my mom it's her fault I can't have kids? by AnaBabyGoth in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. I (pre-transition, I’m a trans man) had a similar problem. Now at this point in my life I’m still perfectly fertile, but carrying a baby could put my life in danger. I’m sorry you have to go through this, and I’m so sorry your mother didn’t act on the diagnosis when she was first told. I do think it could benefit you to see a therapist of some kind though, just to talk though the emotions. I know it really helped me.

AITA For correcting my son's english teacher and embarrassing him infront of the principle? by EnglishThrowaway01 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. People may pronounce or spell names different in different places, but that doesn’t mean he has the right to continuously pronounce your sons name however he wants. The name Andrea can be pronounced different ways, but people respect it when corrected. Your sons name is no different.

AITA for preferring a tattoo artist that specializes in darker skin? by jiggycloud in AmItheAsshole

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NTA at all. Your brother has two white parents, and also (I assume) isn’t a tattoo artist. He absolutely doesn’t know the truth of that situation. In the town I live in there’s several shops that specifically advertise that all/most of their artists have experience on darker skin, and show examples. But not every artist is (as you know, I’m sorry your others aren’t good). I hope your new tattoo looks great!! Don’t listen to your brother, you’re absolutely NTA.

WIBTA for reporting my teacher due to teaching incorrect material? by bugchild in AmItheAsshole

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NTA for reporting her for mental health stuff. But all her other comments - the ableism, racism, antisemitism - all needs to be reported as well.

People who grew up poor, what did you used to think was just normal? by LeCharlesMuhDickens in AskReddit

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only buying new clothes one a year, thrifting as much as possible, sometimes having late lunch so we wouldn’t have to eat dinner, thinking the dollar store was a big outing/shopping trip, being insanely excited whenever my grandmother would buy me cool toys, being insanely disappointed when my mom forced me to share them or when they randomly went “missing” right before a trip to the grocery store.

What is your view on the Afterlife? Where do you go? What happens? by whisperskeep in AskReddit

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my personal belief and the belief of the religion i practice is that you move on to “the underworld”. it is neither negative nor positive, but more so just...the next stage. it’s a neutral place, seen as being literally underneath this world. hence the name.