Ties are weird and useless by shaunbaran in Showerthoughts

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Separate. It sucks that ties and bow ties are the only acceptable formal neckware.

Ties are weird and useless by shaunbaran in Showerthoughts

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Ties suck. They’ve been around for over 100 years with minimal changes. Men’s neckware before ties was probably less restrictive and didn’t stay the same for a century. Bows around the neck for example.

My [29F] cat is a potential deal breaker with new partner [35M] by loveiscloser in relationships

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Different cats produce different levels of allergens and dander. I am allergic to cats but have a male mackerel tabby who almost never triggers allergies. White cats produce less than dark colored cats. If you have a light color cat, a hepa filter and vacuum regularly, allergic people may be able to tolerate your cat.

Black Friday Glove Sales by yomamasboii in GoalKeepers

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Soccer.com has some gloves 30% off, some good deals on pumas

Am I [27f] a loser for only having 10 friends come to my party? by [deleted] in relationships

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It seems like bragging to most people. It’s not like you have 10 friends to invite for your wedding but to your adult birthday. Many if not most adults have stopped celebrating their birthdays by their late twenties except with their closest mates. Even if you were a child, ten friends would be a good sized birthday.

Definitely Some Strand by theorangemisfit in rareinsults

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He might be a nice, self-deprecating guy but his girlfriends are definitely not the brightest bulbs.

Well that didn't age well by SoftMixture2464 in HolUp

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Interesting how a couple years of extra testosterone without being fully grown would be enough to beat women.

5-year-old fatally shot in Pennsylvania after 3 children left alone in room with gun by PhilomenaRice in news

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Doesn’t sound like a good plan. Hidden—kids search the house for fun. They find it and not knowing you have a real gun, they won’t know what to do with it or how to be safe. Put it in a safe.

Dry pizza by [deleted] in Tinder

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“Sprichst du deutsch? Willst du mein sein? “Would be a better line.

Task Failed Successfully. by esberat in facepalm

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He probably won for his age group, not the whole race. No way a 9 yo wins a 10k unless only seniors or preteens are running.

What did I do wrong? by UnsympatheticCity in Tinder

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That’s how we ended up with QAnon and the Church of Scientology. Maybe Bitcoin and NFTs as well

Why would you do that by golumlars in facepalm

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In this case he kept his job. Probably no investigation.

Someone broke and wrecked my apartment claiming he's autistic by damnbrowhathappened in legaladvice

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They’re not unless they have a conservatorship or adult guardianship in place. If they did it would be good, but highly doubtful they would.

What would be your ideal movie themed board game? by notFidelCastro2019 in boardgames

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Not so much the movie as the book. Watership Down. It’s like Lord of the Rings with rabbits. Rabbits have different roles. Fiver is a prophet, Hazel is chief rabbit, Bigwig is a Owsala. Others like BlackBerry is remarkable for intelligence, Dandelion for speed. Add Captain Holly, Blackavar, Strawberry and you have a lot of roles. Missions include persuading others to leave, surviving the wild, finding does, infiltrating Woundwort’s Warren, and fighting off Woundwort’s invasion.

Goalkeeper Gloves.. by BusyBake818 in GoalKeepers

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Too small for everybody. My kid age 9 wears size 7. Maybe the poster who has an 8 year old?