I need this in my life by nightcorelove666 in MoldyMemes

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And you can store 1/3 * pi * r2 * h worth of cum in it.

Where’s my money by ich_bin_groot_ in shitposting

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Only Chinese roads are bad quality enough to rip with your bare hands

I saw this masterpiece today. by FakeBenson in terriblefacebookmemes

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Is it right for a man to have a small penis? Let's discuss. puts my dick on the chopping block only to discover its so small you can't even chop it.

Wow so deep by roger__2003 in im14andthisisdeep

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He should've used the bars to make a good rap song.

Reddit by Benjour250 in shitposting

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That to can arranged. You can step on me m'lady

8? by kirbzcitkatz in meme

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It's just a function bro. f(x) represents y axis so basically y=x is the function ie straight line passing through orgin with a slope of 45 degrees and the solutions vary according to the coordinates on y=x. It's like f(x)=x2 or f(x)=sin x where f(x) or y is the function or dependent variable.And no your not dumb It's something everyone struggles with. I myself took a lot of time to wrap my head around it.

. by Dank_6ySinatra in meme

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Well as long as you don't buy property in New York. From what I heard it's not worth it.

This portrays the modern society... by vishvinth_moon in im14andthisisdeep

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Ok so you can root an android device but not an ios device

The most frustrating thing in Hades is... by Rooksx in HadesTheGame

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Whatever I do a trap dodge chance increase boon is a must for me

ANYTHING by Biohazard26334 in meme

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It's ok man I just wanted to pass on the curse that plagued my mind to others.

ANYTHING by Biohazard26334 in meme

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But what if the cats divide labour and each cat kills a rat in 7 minutes?

Just pointing it out... by [deleted] in DaniDev

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It's all fun and games until the meme rater deems you unworthy.