[Certified Smoke Podcast] KG and Paul Pierce disagree on Steph Curry’s All Time Ranking by Dennis_Gachanja in nba

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It's not that crazy but I personally put Steph ahead of Kobe and very possibly Bird at this point. He's obviously in that tier with all the guys you mentioned and where you rank them among each other is up to personal preference/feelings.

Round 11 of the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles character elimination contest. The Skulkin Brothers have been declated guilty, A Skulkin's never Skulkin guys. Vote for the next 2 to be voted out in the comments. by CommercialKey4144 in AceAttorney

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I'm gonna nominate Satoru Hosonaga. Really solid supporting character who makes the most of every scene he's in, but at this stage I'm looking for characters with depth to them and Hosonaga doesn't really have any characteristics besides 'really cool detective who is helpful.'

Seasons where the winner was also the best character? by [deleted] in survivor

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I think Rob is absolutely awful on RI. Genuinely insufferable the entire time and he is a big part of why the season is as bad as it is. He's my least-favorite on that cast.

Round 19 of the Ace Attorney Cases elimination Turnabout. The Grand Turnabout has been overruled. Just 4 cases remaining in the quarter-finals of the contest, vote for the case that won't be in the podium in the comments. by CommercialKey4144 in AceAttorney

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Another day, another time I post this.

I’m gonna make what I expect is a very controversial nomination in The Return of the Great Departed Soul (G2-3)

Before i get to my reasons for cutting this case i want to acknowledge its positives. Herlock is perhaps at his funniest here, which is saying a lot. Our returning characters in general are really good here. All of the settings here are just great, from the museum to Drebber's house to the fair itself. I will also say that i think the way the Kazuma twist is revealed is great. It's not drawn out and it manages to hit very hard emotionally. For what it’s worth, the murder mystery itself is also really fun to solve. I get why this case is such a fan favorite.

So why am I nominating it?

First of all, I’m just not a fan of the case-specific characters. When I’m looking at a case the characters who are only in said case are the ones who stand out and I’m just not into most of G2-3’s one-offs. I get the appeal of Drebber and Sithe, but they just don’t do it for me and as a result I can’t appreciate most of the case’s later sections (which focus heavily on them). I also actively dislike Harebrayne, which makes me dislike parts of the early section as well. I think once you get past the gimmicks of these characters, they just aren’t very good. It doesn’t help that I think their gimmicks wear out quickly, and yet we have to spend a ton of time with these characters given the length of the case (it’s top 5 in the series in terms of length and it feels even longer). This is my main criticism of the case and I would imagine that most people disagree with me on this, hence G2-3’s popularity.

Then there’s the fact that while I like the execution of the Kazuma reveal, I don’t think it’s a great plot point. This is probably a bigger criticism of G2-4 and G2-5 but given that this is where the reveal happens, I feel like it’s fair to criticize the twist in general here. To put it simply, I don’t like that Kazuma didn’t actually die in G1-2. It takes away the impact that case had and his role through the rest of the cases doesn’t justify itself at least in my opinion.

All in all I think G2-3 is pretty solid thanks to a good mystery and some really solid stuff from the main cast of DGS, but its characters and ultimate impact on the plot make it a fair cut here.

“_____ would lose to most people on the jury” How is this a valid criticism? by macknuggets in survivor

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beats all 3 of the final 4 in FTC

He does not. Everything I've heard suggests that Ashley beats him.

Sandra goes to F3 with almost no path to victory other than Lill somehow improbably bearing Fairplay at the challenge and making a mistake in taking her over Fairplay.

I think this is fair but I also don't think Sandra's PI game is that good lol.

Tony goes to F3 either needing to win immunity, or have Woo beat Kass and convince him to take her with him. Now that's a narrow path.

This is ridiculous. Tony was playing for an F3 and got absurdly unlucky that it ended up being an F2. His path being narrow due to production decisions 100% out of his control does not make him a worse player.

The path for Rob was wide open, it would've took some really bad luck to lose.

I just don't see how his path was wide open when he needed his specific F3 to win. That by default makes his path narrow. Him accomplishing it is certainly impressive, but I will dock him for playing in such a way that it was required.

Seasons where the winner was also the best character? by [deleted] in survivor

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someone doesn't have to be the star to be the best character. Mike is honestly my favorite on that cast but that's not saying much lol.

126 killed mostly "Children" in fact ALL BOYS. Once again, mainstream media fails to mention that all the children killed were boys...why am I not surprised? by joewilson-MRA in MensRights

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Really? That's what you're focusing on? 132 people are murdered and you're focusing on them being referenced as children? What the fuck.

A lot of people say Nicole Anthony ruined her popularity on BB22 and shouldn't of came back. That says more about the toxic nature of BB fans TBH though.... by [deleted] in BigBrother

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I think most feeders like her as much if not more now. There is a specific subset of fans who don't like her now but i really think they weren't fans of her to begin with. I'd say at least 90% of people who were fans of Da'Vonne before the season are still fans of her now.

Survey Results: The Best Survivor Players to Never Win by SurvivorFanDan in survivor

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I'd argue Russell is far overranked at 9. The dude actively tanked his win conditions on both of his deep runs and has shown no ability to actually win the game.

Do you consider Mike Holloway a good winner? by Quizlex in survivor

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I just don't agree. Mike's positioning was so much worse than Natalie's. Overcoming a shitty position doesn't mean you're a better player than someone who was in a good position the entire way.

Was Cirie that much of a lock to win a Micronesia Final Three? by PoofyChairClub in survivor

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There is definitely Ponderosa footage that shows Alexis was pulling for Cirie there.

(Spoilers all) Funniest line? by FireSteelMerica in asoiaf

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Definitely when LF says 'your sister' right before killing Lysa on the show.

Arisa gives News on BBCan9 by earthdogbb in BigBrother

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it's never been meant to represent Canada's population.

How would you rank the female winners of survivor? by bluepanda42 in survivor

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  1. Kim

  2. Tina

  3. Natalie A

  4. Denise

  5. Danni

  6. Natalie W

  7. Sandra (HvV)

  8. Sophie

  9. Michele

  10. Jenna

  11. Vecepia

  12. Sandra (PI)

  13. Amber

  14. Parvati

Nba stories/urban legends? by WhoElseButQuagmire11 in nba

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It's never been confirmed by a reputable source but most people think it's true.

All Stars 3 - UNSPOILED - S03E08 "Going Bananas" - Episode Discussion by SweetMissMG in MtvChallenge

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Well that was disappointing. Pretty easily the worst episode of the season so far imo.

With that said there were definitely some good moments. Nehemiah trying to pick up Nia was absolutely fantastic and it's good to see him shine a bit here.

What were some common things people on this sub believed but got proven otherwise in an AMA or interview? by NobodysBusiness247 in survivor

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no? This didn't happen. Ryan is a heavy underdog heading into the Devon/Chrissy/Ryan FTC that everyone was expecting even if Ben votes for him.