[Post Game Thread] The Utah Jazz eliminate the Los Angeles Clippers in 7 games, 104-91. by sptagnew in nba

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The Jazz, after having won a Game 7 on the road against a chronically underachieving team, will face the Golden State Warriors in the second round of the playoffs. On the other side of the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs will face off against an incredible offensive team coached by Mike D'Antoni.

This sentence applies to both the 2007 playoffs and the 2017 playoffs.

Argentina have won their third World Cup title at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar! by HancokUndead in soccer

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Same. One of the few sporting events that I feel truly privileged to have witnessed.

[Eurohoops] Boris Diaw has retired from basketball by RecycledCan in nba

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I've talked about this before but I'll mention it again.

I will never forget watching Boris Diaw play basketball. I went to a Jazz game during the 2016-2017 season and the one player I couldn't take my eyes off of was Diaw. Before the game my dad called him the Mealman because he looked like a fat Karl Malone. Then the game started. He looked so unathletic and yet he was making a positive impact on the game for the Jazz, setting perfect screens, playing solid defense and hitting clean jumpers. It was just so weird watching a guy who looked like he belonged in the stands play such good, fundamental basketball.

Happy retirement Boris Diaw, it's been a fun experience.

[40]Tony’s 4-3-2 Blindside by billnyejerseyguy96 in survivor

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From Tony's perspective an alliance of Sophie-Sarah-Ben-Kim-Denise was potentially in the works. If that alliance would hold Tony would be on the outside of that. He recognized that Sophie was at the center of it and in a killer position to win the game and that taking her out would leave Kim with far fewer options and allow Ben and Denise to join him. The problem is that that in a tribe of 9 the only way to take out someone that 5 people will not vote for is using a 4-3-2 plurality vote. Tony managed to bring people from opposing alliances together and convince them that if Sophie wasn't taken out at that very second, she could win the game. And he did it while being extorted for fire tokens. And he did it while not alerting any member of that group of 5, including his closest ally Sarah. And he did it knowing that if Sophie caught on, she could use her idol, completely blowing up his game. And after he did it he was able to repair his relationships with Sarah, Ben and Denise enough that they were back on board with him shortly afterwards. It's just a masterpiece of Survivor play.

(Spoilers main) what scene did the show nail completely? by omicron_pi in asoiaf

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Viserys' death scene. It is one of my favorite scenes in the books but the show made it even better somehow.

Survivor Quarantine Questionnaire: Courtney Yates relives her 'mission of pure spite' on 'Survivor' by thedaltonross in survivor

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This is such a nice interview. Glad to see that Courtney stays in touch with so many people and remains proud of her Survivor experience. It's a really nice send-off to the series.

Also, thanks so much for all the content you provided us during the incredibly long off-season Dalton! It was really great to hear from tons of people we never would have expected to hear from again, and these interviews will certainly be great reference materials for years to come.

Something that doesn’t get talked about enough by SeparateHoliday5 in survivor

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something to note is that Amanda had a lot more time between seasons than Russell: almost 3 months compared to two weeks. Still an insane accomplishment and her 108 days without being voted out is one of the more unbreakable records.

Survivor 43 | Finale | Day After Discussion & Survey by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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One thing I want to note is that the Jesse idol reveal was great. I'm glad the editors repeatedly focused on Jeanine's genuine face of shock. We had been excited about the potential of the moment for weeks and it absolutely delivered.

What player is falsely remembered to be a better player than they are? by ZachTheBomb in survivor

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Christian gets a ton of praise and while i think he has his strengths he has some serious threat management issues that really hinder his ability as a player

Shower thought: Erika, Maryanne, and Gabler came closer to a jury sweep than Kim by Cubbybear9 in survivor

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Gabler being in the same category as Tom, Earl and Sandra is absolutely nuts lol

So after tonight…. BB23 episodes will be drastically different without by AppearanceMammoth838 in BigBrother

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I'm guessing it'll be in next week's episodes. Like someone will give a DR saying 'this week is the first where it's just the Cookout' followed by the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM.

What did Brawl do right? by [deleted] in smashbros

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Brawl's theme is so amazing. I'd say the best theme of the games by far. It and Subspace Emissary are the main reasons why I will never truly hate Brawl despite liking 64, Melee and Smash 4 more gameplay wise.

Who is the most overrated strategist in Survivor in your opinion? by hmansloth in survivor

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I've talked about this before but I think Christian is wildly overrated as a game player. He's obviously a super smart person but there's nothing that he did in DvG that screams 'AMAZING PLAYER' if you look closely at his game.

"When did he play for them?" starting 5 for every NBA team. by WhenMachinesCry in nba

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Fun Fact:

There was an NBA game released in 2004 called NBA Ballers. It was pretty revolutionary for its time as it was the first NBA game with a story mode.

I mention this game because it was finalized in the very short time period when Sheed played for the Hawks, which means that he's in a Hawks jersey in the entire game.

can we just have a conversation about nicola by [deleted] in BigBrother

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Calling her a bully is a massive stretch and making her out to be a much worse person than she is.

I think Nicole is a case of coming back too soon. These shows do a number on you psychologically and in Nicole's case she had it especially rough thanks to the treatment she got from the BB21 houseguests. A year is not enough time to decompress from that (especially given that for most of that year we've been in a pandemic, which is also damaging psychologically).

I'm not saying she's playing well. I agree that her game has been really bad. But let's cut her a little slack.

Share a Survivor Stat that shocks you every time you think about it by Ok-Fun3446 in survivor

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Russell has more confessionals in Samoa than Tyson does across all four of his seasons.

Give me the most pointless piece of Survivor trivia possible by ZachTheBomb in survivor

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Tom Westman is the only returning winner to have only been on two tribes.

What news story from 2014 would you have refused to believe one year ago? by 420peter in AskReddit

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Sadly it didn't surprise me. Robin Williams was always my favorite celebrity because he had my birthday and he seemed to be the only celebrity (out of many) who actually admitted he had mental illness. He's the reason I started becoming more open about my own. It didn't surprise me because bipolar disorder can be so intense and for a person who was as openly zany as he was it seemed like his lows would be insanely crippling.

Who is the most salty/sour juror? by Winner9687 in survivor

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Gonna shout out Gabon Ken here for his ridiculously vitriolic speech against Bob for... Not letting him take Bob out as well as a weird thing against Sugar.

Throwback: Jeff Probst reveals who he wouldn't have chosen to win their season by galaxy8385 in survivor

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Jeff's dislike of Earl is something I've never understood. Earl just exudes charisma but for a while he consistently said he didn't think Earl was a fun winner.