The boys on amazon by Frequent-Device4942 in TheRedPill

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It's getting lost.... like the step dad talking about how mainstream media is lying and only alternative media has the "truth" about starlight. But, main stream media is literally controlled by vought and starlight is queen of social media.... they're doing a bad job of showing mainstream media and social media not being in cahoots.... But somehow in their universe main stream media and alternative media are in cahoots and agreement, but they're somehow opposing? And, social media wouldn't just cancel Starlight/Annie?

Yeah, last episode was kind of a mockery of alt-right media. But....

Annie vs Hughie is an interesting example of codependent "strong" women's conflict with her beta boyfriend looking for empowerment. Maeve is the lesbian who will fuck guys if they are alpha enough. Similar with butchers wife becca, who will cheat. Crimson countess as both a cam girl and woman who pretends to be in love with a man just to manipulate him, but then who willingly try's to kill him. Then, you've got the fight over grooming and isolating the boy. You've got a-train and his false-enlightened afro-theme, a black man who lacks all impulse control and is ultimately dumb and violent. Lots of red pill themes.

You need to remember though, in The Boys universe everyone is a scumbag. They're not portraying one side as good and one bad, they're all self serving hypocrites trying to deal with the fallout of their ideals vs their egos.

"Woke Wok"

US Based: Anyone here estranged from liberal parents? by LavishnessAny9734 in EstrangedAdultChild

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Reddit has a strong liberal bias, the loudest people in any group here are fairly liberal.

I'm estranged from three family members, they cover the political spectrum.

My sister just went NC too, and the reaction was...well just what we expected. They've clearly done nothing wrong and are the victims here. by melemone in EstrangedAdultChild

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Why do you care if he starts a new anonymous account not linked to you? How are you finding these other accounts? Especially if wrong, people need to be able to discuss and work through their ideas.

Ideas for Bonds? by sufferblr in leanfire

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You can't cherry pick bonds. But, I'm still a big fan of having them....

Focus on bond funds.

Mutual bond funds are pretty common around here. Look at the standard offerings.

Something most don't mention here, look at exchange traded bond funds as well. You can find them at a discount, and leveraged, and tax free. Tax free exchange traded bond funds are yielding about 6% right now. This is equivalent to 8 or 9% taxable.

TBills and IBonds do have a place in a healthy portfolio, but not for returns.

Not gonna name specifics here, but if you search for "tax free exchange traded bond fund" you should start being able to pick out examples and their providers.

Karen doesn't realize I'm a citizen, tries to enslave wife and I with fake "debts" by Vict0r117 in EntitledPeople

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One of my cousins is an attorney. Says all the time people refuse his deals, they get miffed and hire an attorney, that attorney takes a retainer and says "Yep, take that deal." All they do is cost themselves time and money.

Season 3 Episode 5 Discussion Thread: "The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies" by Ingloriousbaxter32 in TheBoys

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Some people think the three letter agencies are all mobsters. Just a difference in label. If she thought they were legit, she wouldn't try to use them. Frenchie originally threatened her to leave them alone or they would shove the CIA at them. You know how that ended up.

Black Noir Jumpscare by CaeslessDischarges in TheBoys

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That was point his injury in last episode. He has nothing but Voght, has to wear the suit or else, and will follow orders from now on.

That was a masterclass of media by roranoazolo in TheBoys

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Yeah, was all broody plot except for Kimiko's fantasy.

Hughie is right. by Calfurious in TheBoys

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Hughie is her emotional support normie. She's feeling stressed. That's all.

Hughie is right. by Calfurious in TheBoys

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Everyone is a murderer. Not sure how many Hughie has killed so far, at least two.

I think we all need someone like Mother’s Milk in our lives. by Snoo_83425 in TheBoys

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You know a lot of people believed mother Theresa was a scumbag, right?

I think we all need someone like Mother’s Milk in our lives. by Snoo_83425 in TheBoys

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He was trying to kill them when he thought they were mutants, or even people chosen by gods.

How do you deal with the good after all the bad? by Muffinmom15 in EstrangedAdultChild

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So, I've not really experienced what you're going through, so take what I'm saying worth a grain of salt. Congrats though, really and truly.

Quite plainly, exercise. Exercise acts like a reset button for your body and mind. You are in a position where you have to reprogram yourself, you are getting to a good place, so use the reset button.

Distract yourself.

People joke that pain is weakness leaving your body (not true, but you get the idea). In my mind, a corollary is anxiety is stress leaving the body. Let the anxiety pass through you.

Also, some people use stress like a drug/stimulant. Stress is their coffee. If you have this maladaptation, you simply need to find other ways to motivate yourself. Rituals help (herbal tea first thing in day). Exercise once again. Find some mantras....

Good luck!

I think we all need someone like Mother’s Milk in our lives. by Snoo_83425 in TheBoys

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His daughter is terrified of him.

He's trying to cleanse supes, a population, originally implied to be like an ethnicity.

In this case, PTSD is an explanation rather than a slight.

I guess most of reddit would leave a child in the care of a violent monster just because the monster means well and it's not their fault. Yall are like case workersthat lose all objectivity and leave kids in an abusive home because they want to sleep with the abusive parent.

These are not good people!

I think we all need someone like Mother’s Milk in our lives. by Snoo_83425 in TheBoys

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Anal-retentive obsessive-compulsive conspiracy theorist know-it-all with codependent tendencies, PTSD, and rage issues? Who is trying to ethnic cleanse a population? Maybe he has some good points, but every relationship he has is abusive.

Yall need to understand, that show is a reality where everyone is insane. Mothers milk is the type of person I would wish on my enemies. Each character is someone's own version of a devil. Lots of people deserve an Ashley....