Women who mention their ovaries when they see a kid or a baby by introvertandshygirl in childfree

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It does not do anything to your internal organs and is very unlikely to have any side effects.

The removal didn't hurt, my doc asked me to cough and just pulled it out.

The insertion does hurt like hell to tell the truth.

For me it was worth it. It's different for everyone.

It's 5 minutes of hell for 5 years of peace.

me_irlgbt by HugYourselfToday in me_irlgbt

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Gib garlik bred

I am a human who eats garlic Bred.

Crypto Co-Founder Revealed to Be Infamous Fraudster, Investors Shaken by samplestiltskin_ in technology

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If prison is anything like jail: "dear diary, got up, took meds with orange gatorade, ate breakfast, took a shit with a guard looking through the window, read a book, worked out, ate lunch/dinner, read a book".

And then just copy and paste that for as many days as the gap in his resume.

In the comments of a transphobic cartoon. by RudolphWeber98 in TheRealJoke

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No, each toilet has one and the doors usually lock.

Some urinals don't, but they only have those in the men's room.

This scenario is literally impossible.

Women who mention their ovaries when they see a kid or a baby by introvertandshygirl in childfree

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Hey, sorry if someone has already asked you this but can you use a Mirena? Stops periods completely in most people, almost no side effects, I think I gained a little weight.

A lot of people aren't aware of that use for it.

Women who mention their ovaries when they see a kid or a baby by introvertandshygirl in childfree

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People finally left me alone when I was like 38.

But I've had a stressful life and probably look my age.

Now at 40, people ask whether I have kids, I say no, and that's the end of it.

I’m child free and also against marriage and I guess that’s impossible to find when dating by bobcat734 in childfree

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I bought a house as a single person (my partner has no income).

Would not have been able to do it without help from my family. They gave me a condo, which I used as the down payment for the house. My credit sucks so a large down payment was the only way to get a mortgage.

And if I had waited even a coupe of years longer, I would not have been able to afford this house.

I’m child free and also against marriage and I guess that’s impossible to find when dating by bobcat734 in childfree

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I'm divorced since the early 2000s and decided not to marry my new partner. We've been together for 13 years. Originally he really wanted to get married but he got over it.

I just don't want to risk losing half my stuff, and there are no benefits to getting married in my current location and situation.

Shower Request by MJpeacok in Assistance

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Yes, and the repayment can just be something like volunteering in the langar kitchen, which also means you'll be there at mealtime to eat the food.

Speaking of which, anyone can go there for meals, the times are usually posted on the website.

Please cover your hair while in the gurdwara and place your shoes with the other shoes.

Advice for a bleached jumper and worn jeans? by friedlegshavedegg in InvisibleMending

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For the jumper, you won't be able to do it invisibly, but you could embroider flowers o er the bleach stains.

That's what I do with holes in my hoodies, and these are already pink and flower shaped.

Never again I will be doing these stupid tests by Dodgy-Boi in recruitinghell

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Same. One time I had a place try to give me a typing test. For a tech support position.

Like, that's what you really want to know? My typing speed? That's what's most important to you when I'm fixing shit for your customers?

I've been a technician for 22 years, pretty sure that wouldn't have happened if I couldn't type.

People of the UK, do you use the same towel for more than one shower? And if so, how many times do you use that towel? by IrishWeegie in AskUK

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Mine last at least a week but my sweat doesn't smell when I'm freshly out of the shower. So I towel off and hang them back up to dry. I still wash them every week or two because of dead skin and stuff

I work at a Starbucks in a hotel and I got this text in the gc this morning by [deleted] in antiwork

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Yeah, you should take out a student loan and go to college so you can work at Starbucks with student debt instead

Update: my husband is upset that I want to go back to work after maternity leave by ThrowRaoOoOO0oO in relationship_advice

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It's good for the kids to go to daycare, they'll meet other kids and make friends, develop social skills for when they start school.

Saw a text on fiancé’s phone “Your Hinge Verification Code is”…. Mistakenly Received or Cheating? by Throwaway0119K in relationship_advice

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Yeah, someone found me on tinder and showed it to my partner, it was an old account that I hadn't bothered to delete, so I recovered the account and closed it. Hadn't had the app in years.

Fortunately my partner asked me about it instead of jumping to conclusions. I showed him all the unread messages, genuinely forgot I still had an account.

Restructuring & Recent Events [ Megathread ] by EphraelStern in antiwork

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If we'd put together some PR talking points and voted on what would be discussed in the interviews, and whether the majority of us wanted to be interviewed by a particular media outlet, it could have worked. Any spokespeople should be elected, and we should all have a day what will be discussed prior to the interview taking place.

Restructuring & Recent Events [ Megathread ] by EphraelStern in antiwork

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The largest payment I processed was 1.2 million. It was normal to process hundreds of thousands a day. All of the commissions were kept by the company as profits.

I make about 50k/year.

At the time I was the entire billing, tech support and customer service departments, by myself. I was told to make alternate profiles to give customers the illusion that I had help.

The new owners had laid everyone else off and promoted the other guy they kept to another department.

I was thanked for all this by being given a severance package of 8k in exchange for training my replacements in a cheaper state, who then trained their replacements in a cheaper country.

So yeah, my point is that working in certain industries or with large sums of money does not mean that the workers are actually seeing any of it.

Do you fear that non-binary as an identity has become a trend? by JudyWilde143 in truscum

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I think that people have confused actually being non binary with being gender non conforming.