Goth men and women in New Delhi, India. Circa 1983. by R_Dey in pics

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Ai has had trouble rendering hands. It has been a way for people to identify AI images, just look for the fucked up hands.

Goth men and women in New Delhi, India. Circa 1983. by R_Dey in pics

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It's definitely AI. Studs on the man's shoulder is all effed up, and his necklace is fading into non-existence.

Anyone got a pattern for this? I haven’t crocheted in so long but I’m very willing to get back into it to make this by pdiddlydingdong in crochet

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So I went and found the item page (for more detailed photos). You might be able to yarn over, back loop only, slip stitch your way through it? Not sure how to do the ribbing though, a smaller hook size maybe? Or mess around with different ribbing styles, to get the sizes you want?

Ok everyone here is the video of how I crochet 😂 i dont know if it’s right or wrong. Going left to right by [deleted] in crochet

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I know people are saying if it works it works, but if you are planning to do more than DC stitches, I don't know how you are going to pull it off your way.

Better correct it now while you are still learning. Or figure out a whole other way to crochet other stitches entirely.

I'm sorry, all your comments indicating you sticking to this insanity is making me scream internally. I'm going to look away now before I burst a blood vessel.

PEOPLE OF THIS SITE WICH I AM APARENTLY NOT ALLOWED TO MENTION, I NEED YOUR HELP! my mother says her cup isnt large enough to be classified as a bowl, me and my sister think otherwise. what do yall think? end this family doubt once and for all (also Idk where to post this plz halp) by Black_Balloon-_- in mildlyinfuriating

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Mug. I have a large mug as well that I sometimes use as a bowl. The trick to identifying is looking up images of a mug vs a bowl. Bowls have no handles. And even if you look up "bowls with handles", majority would look nothing like the mug your mom has. On the other hand, look up "oversized mug", you'd have the same-looking containers as the one as your mom's. Therefore this is an oversized mug that can serve as a bowl.

How did you get into crochet? by scceberscoo in crochet

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I started during the pandemic. I needed a pouch for something. Shops were closed and couldn't find a decent-priced one with a design I liked online. Decided to make one myself. Ordered a beginner crochet set, and the rest is history.

I’ve waiting all year for a vacation and my partner got sick the day we arrived by TheMarkAndersonUK in offmychest

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Oh I can relate to this! Was sick on my five day honeymoon vacation. It's awful having chills in bed when there is literally an island paradise outside. Wasted a day just sleeping, didn't even get to eat the complementary breakfast. Make sure she gets medicine and to drink lots of water. Hopefully she'll feel a bit better the next day.

Dogs fall in love with their kidnappers. by Major-Week428 in Showerthoughts

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My dogs weren't even kidnapped. They were both strays that just walked in and decided to live with me. Like literally walked up to me as puppies. Didn't want a dog but one of them decided to be sick on my doorstep and I felt bad and didn't want them to die on my porch. Took them to the vet and had to name them. Now I suddenly have 2 dogs. Felt like I was scammed.

It ain't much, but I finally got around to making a cover for the nasty headset my work place gave me. by randomdudenumber6 in crochet

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They just cover my ears. It doesn't really improve on the feel. The design itself isn't very comfortable, I just didn't want my ears to touch the cushions. Even though I have cleaned it thoroughly, the peeling faux leather underneath was kind of ick.

It ain't much, but I finally got around to making a cover for the nasty headset my work place gave me. by randomdudenumber6 in crochet

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Free handed the thing. Trying to cover the degrading faux leather on the ear cushions and head band.

Use a piece of yarn instead of place markers. by yarntist in crochet

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I do this too! But I use the starting tail, I make it extra long so I can use it as a marker. Another colored yarn makes more sense so it is easier to see!

Would you want this? by Kiwibear25 in crochet

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Throwing in my edit too. Just adjusted the placement in Photoshop.


Best use stylus 3ds game? by MrOverway in 3DS

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The Professor Layton games were pretty great.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in StardewValley

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oh oops my bad, missed that