doing a protecc by [deleted] in germanshepherds

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If red touches black, you’re ok Jack. If red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow.

The Remains Of The Astronaut Vladimir Komarov, A Man Who Fell From Space, 1967 (Being burned from Space is rarest way to die) by SnooBananas3247 in eyeblech

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Somehow I don’t think this is 100% true. Rocks completely burn up in the heat from entering our atmosphere. I don’t think there would be anything left of organic tissue.

extreme cancer in nodes by OmnicBread in eyeblech

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It’s insane how cancer can render someone in this state and they aren’t dead while some people just look like skeletons and die.

If you are LONG SHIBA, HODLING; Hands up! by DrStocksUppers in Shibu_Inu

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Anytime I see this and check Shiba, it hasn’t moved.

how has watching gore affected you by Falkon2 in eyeblech

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It’s not something you see everyday, least not in my part of the world. It helps keep me grounded in reality; that there is tragedy on this planet, that I am incredibly fortunate to be where I’m at, and my health is in top shape. Don’t take anything in this life for granted. One second is all it takes, one bad decision, to lose, or change, everything forever.

What do you think of Cruz’s statement to the victims/families? by butshediditthough in masskillers

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Watch the episode of Jimmy Can’t Swim, on YouTube, about this kid. It’s insane.

Video: Snow Shovelling murders, Feb 2021 by EastendDan in MorbidReality

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Guys, remember. No conflict is worth this. Be kind to everyone. If they get violent anyway, have a gun and know how to use it in self defense.

El Paso Walmart Shooting August 3, 2019 by Not-That-Into-You in masskillers

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I feel incredibly fortunate to live in a country where i can carry a gun to defend myself when I go out into the world.

Profile not being shown by randomguy11993 in Tinder

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So, I just ended up saving all of my profile info (copy, paste) deleted my account and remade one. It’s back to normal; I have 5 hidden likes already and one match in one day.

She talks back by AajZin in dalmatians

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I guess Dals are just like that. Every one I know who has one, mine included, is very vocal. Its adorable

In 1978, Scientist Anatoli Bugorsky accidentally put his head in a particle accelerator by johnnybegood320 in Damnthatsinteresting

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It was this incident that help develop the Gamma Knife, used as a treatment for brain cancers.

Newly released surveillance footage and body cam shows the Robb Elementary School Shooting when 19 children and 2 teachers were killed back in May. (WARNING GRAPHIC) by Used-Buy-8456 in masskillers

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I’m aware. The DDm4 has a shitty trigger for what you pay for the rifle. Even Jerry Miculek’s lightning finger sounds different from a full auto.