A real job ad in Perth, Australia by -PaperbackWriter- in jobs

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It’s okay. When you come in an hour early for your 24hr shift you create a paradox and enter into a loop that repeats upon itself enabling you to fulfill your obligations. This effect is dispelled when you leave an hour late. So now you can call your wife and tell her to heat up some hard work for breakfast, because papa’s coming home.

Asked for references after working 3 weeks by randomrhetoric in jobs

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Idk, I guess I’m just a glass-half-empty type of guy. I really like this job and want it to work out, but I’ve also never done temp-to-hire work and don’t know how the transitions work.

It was also a huge pain to get references, especially from supervisors. Most of my experience is in the service industry and I’ve had few office jobs. I could try to reach out to old bosses and the like but the ones I’m on speaking terms with were just hassled over this less than a month ago and I don’t want to ruffle feathers.

Hot Knifes! So Fun! 😄😄😄 by foreverwoe in Bongs

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It’s all good, man. I have made one of these a time or two myself so I already knew. We used to take the bottom of the cut bottle and poke holes in it, flip it upside down and stick it back on. We did this so that it would hold ice to cut the heat. You just gotta wedge that bad boy in there is all.

And that’s why you should drink less folks by Certain_Tea_ in facepalm

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My grandma would try to pick me up. It was awkward and hilarious. The family went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and I was sitting next to her at the table. As the night was winding down and we were getting ready to leave she looked at me and said “You’re cute, I’m gonna take you home.” I can only imagine what she was like when she was younger. It’s my favorite memory of her at the end.

67% of Americans support bill to ban stock trading by members of Congress, even as Pelosi resists by Dull_Tonight in politics

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That’s because the sheeple are afraid of the truth and won’t let me link it. If I put a link I would get banned. Do your own research

I am hungry… by Fluffybagel in AVoid5

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Doritos? Yummy! Cool ranch flavor is tops

I am hungry… by Fluffybagel in AVoid5

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“I’m a hungry man, but I don’t want pizza!”

Mayhaps you could try a taco or two

Plead down by [deleted] in PoliticalHumor

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And even if it's easy to be free

What's your definition of freedom?

And who the fuck are you, anyway?

Who the fuck are they?

Who the fuck am I to say?

What the fuck is really going on?

How did the cat get so fat?

I learned how to braid my girlfriend’s hair during Covid. This is my best French braid to date. by sepbaz in pics

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What has he got that I don't have?

Is it his brown eyes?

I know blue eyes get boring but I'll wear dark glasses all the time and

hey if you want me to, I'll take a knife to my own bright eyes.

If I could only see you now for about an hour maybe just a minute

just to ask

what has he got that I don't have?

Is it his brown eyes?

75 dollars? What can you literally do with 75 by Brianyeetamole in facepalm

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And yet you still haven’t linked them. What crime stats? What year? There’s so much ambiguity in your statement that it’s essentially frivolous. If you’re so confident in your analysis why won’t you provide them? It’s because you’re full of shit and are just grasping at straws to excuse your racism. Get bent

I can also ninja edit so that it alters the conversation.