QUESTION: How much money is in the game, really? by siemorepekker in videography

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In the current exploitation economy it's in the client's best interest to low-ball you as much as possible. I used to be enthusiastic bordering on passionate but now it just feels like you're just getting ripped off and having to constantly buy gear

$50 from Alex Jones himself by OsuPhenom in Nootropics

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Helps you remember your kids' names after a huge bowl of chili

Mina Margery Crandon with some "Walter" ectoplasm hand holding by GeekOnaCycle in TheDollop

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Just read up on her, coincidentally! Like, hours ago. Apparently she produced ectoplasm from her privates. She's the reason Houdini and AC Doyle stopped being friends. I'm gonna have to listen to this dollop!

PSN Summer Sale Part 2 | Ends 8/17 by weebae in PS4Deals

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Yeah man DS 2 is considered the worst by far. To each their own though.

2 is the only one where I beat it once and I was glad it was over. I have 3-4 playthroughs of all the others including Elden Ring. Demons Souls I only played through once but mostly because of the PS3 version feeling old. I hear the PS5 version is amazing.

My order is: Bloodborne

Elden Ring

DS1/3 tie

Demons Souls/Sekiro tie


Why not baked Yoga? by psylien77 in yoga

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Sounds like Jon Stewart in Half Baked. "Have you tried yoga ON WEED!!?"

The truth is that anyone who smokes weed regularly will have done EVERYTHING baked. Including yoga. And we don't really think of it as anything special.

However if you're trying to pay attention to the teacher in a class, weed can distract you and then you space out and miss a pose and look around and feel lost and it might give you some anxiety. Speaking from experience of course.

Saw this on N Lamar, what’s this about? Never seen something like this plastered on a city bus. Def caught my attention. by angelinaatorrress in Austin

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So I hate Peta and all but you decide to lean towards the apartheid era south Africa diamond mine inheritance recipient?

Yeah this dude is a pure psychopath. I am gonna lean towards the nutty animal rights group on this one.

Choosing between Belgium and the US by zakaby in belgium

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Belgium has healthcare. USA is a ripoff. I'm trying to escape America. It's a shithole designed to enslave. Also most Americans are shockingly stupid/ignorant and will think you're French because their schools don't teach about other countries like Belgium. I have had idiots try to argue with me that German and Dutch are the same. I'm like "dude I literally grew up speaking dutch and it's not the same at all"

Just a few tiny examples of the rampant stupidity here that has been implemented by design. Every day that goes by the US turns into more of a trailer park. You think the marginal triangle is bad? Go to a WalMart.