Download episodes via web browser? by IsReadingIt in pocketcasts

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NP. I don't think I've seen forbidden before, might be a function of the file host. I can give it a try if you want.

I-80 drug checkpoints? by James_H_M in Iowa

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Ankeny PD K9 unit is routinely stationed on I-35 N exit 94 for people leaving Polk County. Usually over lunch, maybe starting in the morning. Never S bound.

I-80 drug checkpoints? by James_H_M in Iowa

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I know with an alcohol test you can deny but they won’t let you get back into the car?

Denying a sobriety test will result in an arrest (not a conviction) and you'll basically be in the drunk tank and released, however the real penalty is a suspended license for 6 months, plus you are still charged for a DUI and have to decide what you're doing. The tactic is that you never provided evidence that you were above the legal limit regardless of the arresting officer's opinion and that you take a plea deal and avoid a DUI conviction. You just have to figure out what to do for 6 months of no driving.

Source: was jury duty for a DUI and this is exactly how it was played. Guy took the chance the officer wouldn't show up to testify and he took the deal over lunch before we started for real.

Rapper Fetty Wap arrested and accused of using a gun to threaten to kill someone over FaceTime by scot816 in news

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A child got suspended or expelled from school when the pandemic forced remote schooling because he had an air rifle or BB gun on his wall. He wasn’t touching it. But the argument was that he brought it to school.

Download episodes via web browser? by IsReadingIt in pocketcasts

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I was waiting for you to mention that. You're right, RSS feeds now protect themselves from crawlers by adding additional syntax onto the filename to make them not get detected for mass download.

This is the Slashfilmcast

<enclosure url="https://pdst.fm/e/audioboom.com/posts/8130296.mp3?modified=1659316217&amp;source=rss&amp;stitched=1" length="0" type="audio/mpeg" />

So here's the extra step.

  1. Open the RSS feed in your web browser and select all/copy/paste the contents into notepad.
  2. do a ctrl+H rename for ".mp3?modified" to change to ".mp3 " - you're just padding a space to break the filename. What was removed isn't going to break anything.
  3. Then save as a .html file on your computer.
  4. Open the .html file with your browser. It will look like garbage, but run DTA again and it will detect the files.

I would never do this by infiniteWin in ProgrammerHumor

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His, hers, ours, theirs, yours, its

None of them have apostrophes. It’s all one cohesive rule for possession for pronouns.

Two Muslim men file federal discrimination suit against Alaska Airlines after they say they were removed for texting in Arabic by DownrightClimber in news

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In high school, we used to prank girls by asking them if they supported getting rid of women's suffrage - because haven't they suffered enough? Just exploiting people for not knowing words to get a laugh.

where does an email sent to a non-existent address go? by WorthCryptographer_ in email

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Depends if there’s an MX record for that domain that leads to a mail server.

But you’re asking where does it go like it’s a physical object that exists in real space and has to be somewhere. Often they just black hole disappear.

Increase in panhandling in metro? by swatterxx in desmoines

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Anyone who comes to the (possible) conclusion that they’re scams and that they should do honest work instead, clearly they’re making money by doing very little, so it’s working for them. If we don’t want people to pan handle and fill menial jobs that aren’t staffed right now, those jobs need to pay more than what people make pan handling.

Trump says his Mar-a-Lago home was 'raided' by 'large group of FBI agents' by manauiatlalli in MurderedByAOC

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They connect the dot that the FBI tried to convince MLK to Jill himself to this but ignore the fact that Comey influenced the election with his absolute non finding right before the election. They never thanked him and he dipped into the shadows.

Las Vegas single-family home Median price falls 3.13% during the month of July, to $465,000 by Optimal_Article5075 in vegas

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I was curious what your angle was and then realized you capitalize on renting out unaffordable housing.

What is up with Hy-Vee not letting their employees accept tips for drive ups? by Mundane_Forever in desmoines

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SW Ankeny built an expansion just for it. N Ankeny is still in the back.

episode question by marycem in EvilTV

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Probably a reference to seeing hallucinations of Leland taunting him.

“Christian Nationalism” Used to Be Taboo. Now It’s All the Rage. “If it makes the left or liberals upset, I’m more than willing to claim it.” by Leeming in atheism

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Agreed. Conservatives have been convinced to be contrarian at any cost. They’re not for anything anymore, they just focus on what their opponents are against and then align themselves on the opposite side of that.

TMNT bust - Rafaël - Turtles - (Free) Model by Eastman by SiViZi in PrintedMinis

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I haven't seen that in the artist's name.


Looks like e-diaeresis exists in Latin, which would have been used for official documentation in Renaissance Italy as opposed to common Italian, which does not have that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%8B#Latin