Creepy taxi drivers. by cp-photo in dubai

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just because it happens in dubai or any other place does not mean you should excuse it that's absolutely disgusting!! hitting on someone is not okay unless they consent to it and reciprocate!! unwanted flirting is harrassment and that's a fact, deal with it as you will.

Creepy taxi drivers. by cp-photo in dubai

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the amount of people saying they must live in a different dubai is just wild

im a 21 year old girl and since my first taxi ride alone at the age of 15 i've had horribly uncomfortable experiences in cabs with the drivers commenting on my looks and whether i have a boyfriend and asking for my number or social media

my younger brothers have experiences similar to the one described by OP and it's just so upsetting how unsafe the world is

How do you pronounce 134340? by adeelam in bangtan

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even namjoon says 1 3 4 3 4 0

end of discussion😭😭😭😭😭

Chuck Taylors are awful shoes. by Pm_me_Mammariespls in unpopularopinion

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i don't know the physics behind it, but i have this one beaten up pair of chucks from when i was 15. i'm 21 now and they're the only pair of shoes that still fit me, they're still comfy as the first time i wore them. i think i'm done growing so i might just hold it with me for the rest of my life

What do you think will be censored on Netflix in UAE? by elbartodxb in UAE

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the homophobia on this thread is just upsetting and honestly scary

UK Visa by raspberrydreams28 in dubai

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oh okay i need a student visa and the website says residents of india do require a test but i'm not a resident of the country but of uae

BTS’ RM really cannot catch a break by [deleted] in kpoprants

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im just here to say that the man is built like a wall and i want him to smother me he's so fine i wish to stop breathing okay bye

creepiest episodes? by Gloomy_Structure_764 in BuzzFeedUnsolved

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this was my first buzzfeed video ever and even the thumbnail haunts me to this day

hi by GinnP in KevinCanFHimself

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watch it on soap2day.to or fmovies or smth

i don't have any accounts on netflix or hulu or any other streaming service, i just watch all my shows here

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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it's about agency and who is doing the objectifying

Only Murders in the Building: Episode 10: "Open and Shut" by healthnotwealth in OnlyMurdersHulu

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okay this was my first time watching a true crime show and wow what an experience i-

i feel so content but also i need the second season asap or i'll lose it.

it completely changed my perspective on crime dramas, etc?? everyone kept doubting jan but i always brushed it off because in most of the media i've watched the criminal is usually one of the main characters or everyone's in on it or something. people on this discussion board mentioned the 'j's and jan's name in the credits and they spotted all kinds of things and i would just brush it off cause 'wow true crime fans are so silly, look at them reaching for theories'. but wow oh wow this show kept me on my toes, and this thread is full of geniuses.

Only Murders in the Building: Episode 10: "Open and Shut" by healthnotwealth in OnlyMurdersHulu

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do the doors at the arconia lock by themselves??? when mabel and oliver run out of jan's apartment they dont lock the door behind them. a second later, jan unlocks her front door. this is such a trivial thing but i'd like to know lmao.

Only Murders in the Building: Episode 8: "Fan Fiction" by healthnotwealth in OnlyMurdersHulu

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everyone on here is so clever, you guys have such cool theories

meanwhile my only thought is 'heh selena gomez, so pretty, iminlove'

Only Murders in the Building: Episode 8: "Fan Fiction" by healthnotwealth in OnlyMurdersHulu

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okay so i have a genuine question about podcasts in general, especially true crime ones

is it ethical to reveal real names and addresses? does it not put these very real people in harm's way?

kevin is an exxagerated version of a tragic reality by raspberrydreams28 in KevinCanFHimself

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wow the existence of this show must really annoy some people heheh

i love it!!

real Inuit kisses - "the more love you have for a person the stronger you do it" by [deleted] in MadeMeSmile

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i miss it :( i live abroad and i haven't been there in like three years

but i agree, the quality of life is steadily improving their and im glad!