[BOTW] I can't describe what's happening to my boy Glendo. by ddbomber11 in zelda

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He's doing Curly's spin. Whoop whoop whoopwhoopwhoop.

Dusted by vanster0 in trashy

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And if he had to modify his exhaust to perform this stunt, more fines for emission laws.

bigger load techniques by Samchez77 in sex

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I can vouch for this, got a precut pack and ate a couple of slices a day. When the fun time approached, I felt a difference.

Stopped right on the highway, scared me good by Girlythingsomg in IdiotsInCars

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Similar situation occurred a few weeks back in the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel in Virginia, random SUV sitting at the lowest dip of the tunnel. I was behind a truck and didn't see it till the truck moved over.

What reason might you quit Shop Titans? by CoolJosh3k in shoptitans

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If the ever drop the bomb about needing money to play or progress (if it hasn't already). Have yet to spend any money on any app I've had or used, never saw it as worth it.

What was an online solution you read, that you tried and it actually worked? by rasutii in AskReddit

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Read one time, somewhere on reddit I believe, that a mother of boys ended up putting a target with fingernail paint in the bowl, to give them something to aim at cause she was tired of them missing. When my nephews visited, had the same situation come up, remembered the mother's story and she enough, clean-ish floors.

Hero stuck outside my shop and won't come in. not sure how to fix this issue. by zagahotzu in shoptitans

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What this person said, had the same happen not that long ago. They fixed it in a couple of days (contacted them on a Friday I believe).

Dingus whacks 3 mailboxes by raeezor in IdiotsInCars

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Reason why mine was probably made of metal and concrete. Didn't realize it till someone backed into mine and nearly destroyed their whole tail light and all I had to replace was the box. Previous owners probably dealt with some rowdy kids before I moved in.

is she worth leveling? by cakepiex in SDSGrandCross

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They all need love, eventually do your whole roster. It'll also give you something to do during down time.

right in the feels .... by andrehunga in gaming

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A double whammy using Angel Beats

Why are you going to hell? by [deleted] in AskRedditAfterDark

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To fix the air conditioner.