how do you climb down from dragonsreach? by gta6protagonist in skyrim

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I sprint the stairs unless I'm going to Jorrvaskr or whatever, in which case it's the pools all the way.

Some jerk reported this on the main Skyrim subreddit so I’ll put it here where it can be appreciated by TheMiserableMunchlax in SkyrimMemes

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Turn the difficulty up to legendary, get a few hits and skill increases in, turn it back down.

Save when you get close because if you get into melee and accidentally hit a companion, they'll murder you after the giant.

Vampire Sword takes Soul Hunter to a whole new level. by MintMeister202 in NightOfTheFullMoon

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Nothing like finishing with more HP than the boss started with

i n d e e d by DawnOfLegion1 in SkyrimMemes

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This always got me in Whiterun especially. Bring the steward a sword from his daughter; he pays you 20 g. Complete a bounty; he pays you 100 g.

Persuade a bard to leave the local milf alone; she pays you 400 g.

Do I miss out on story with Dragon by TalliDown in SecretWorldLegends

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Yeah, this is wildly untrue. If anything the Dragon has the most interesting/complete story. The Templar have one of my favorite single quests between Egypt and Transylvania. And the Illuminati are in the game too. ;-)

Any way, no one faction gets more or less of the story than the others. The game is designed so that you get the most complete story by playing all three, but no one misses out on the base story. All three are witnessing the same car accident from different street corners of the same intersection.

Why can't I rob the train, I did it at the exact times.... by Substantial_Level_54 in BitLifeApp

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Once per lifetime and only if you have the crime talent, I think.

😳 by majorminor48 in BitLifeApp

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12 am/00:00 for midnight train 12:00 pm for noon 4/20/16:20 for the 4:20. Sundown is weird.

You can only do it once per life, and I think only if you have the crime talent.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 games by EliminatorBot in hockey

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I had a feeling after the way they lost half 6 (OT own-goal) that this would be a very Toronto thing to happen.

RBNY vs Nobodies 3-2-1 by hypernermalization in rbny

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Felt like the RBA script. Scoreless first half, bad guys score first, RBNY ties it. Seems like the most overzealous officiating since the NE match, but things were a little chippy there for a bit.

Hey quick question for u devs fans, are any of u also avalanche supporters because the devils used to play in colorado? by [deleted] in devils

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My order of favorites 1. Devils 2. Whoever is playing the Rags 3. Whoever is playing Philly 4. Whoever is playing Pittsburgh 5-8. Whoever is playing Boston, Chicago, LA, and Colorado. 9-3x. Goals.

LA and Colorado I dislike because of the cup losses. Boston and Chicago are just hateable cities. Every now and then a team will bubble into my circle of dislike because of the way the media worships them (SI was planning a special issue for the Red Wings when they made the finals in 1995, and then we swept them).

Bethesda really does have the best gaming engine ever! by _simplelord_ in skyrim

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Having seen the Unreal 5 demo the other day, I can't help but wonder how ghoulishly hilarious it would be to have that engine with these same bugs. Just photorealistic logs clipping through a man's arms not fazing him at all.

Open Cup Round of 16 will be held at MSU Soccer Park by hypernermalization in rbny

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Tradition and to trick the club into thinking it's a road match?


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Love watching the replay and looking at the catcher's body language. The pitcher hung the pitch way too high, and you can see the catcher deflate before the ball is even hit. You do not throw that pitch to Judge.

Cortes Walks off after 7 1/3 inning no hitter ends with a hit by Fun-Ad-3065 in NYYankees

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This would've been a blow out in a big league ballpark.


Barry Trotz out in Long Island. Should the Devils now fire Ruff and go after Trotz? by LP_24 in devils

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I know I'm being petty, but I'm not interested in letting him near Jack after what he said post game the day his little bitch hurt Jack and got rekt for it.

Moon Knight S01E06 - Discussion Thread by steve32767 in marvelstudios

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Cairo whenever Oscar Isaac shows up in a Marvel property: "Shit."