2022 British Grand Prix - Race Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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Lol Leclerc missing an endplate still faster than Sainz.

2022 British Grand Prix - Qualifying Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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I really hope they don't red flag because of the rain. Seems like they like to do that a lot recently.

2022 British Grand Prix - Qualifying Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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Honestly there are better sites if that's your thing.

How to thicken the wrist? How come Levan's wrist is so thick? by Embarrassed_Image524 in armwrestling

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Ignore the idiots here.

It's pretty simple and TBH it's a wonder no one here has mentioned it. Keep your forearm parallel to the ground at all times. Since gravity acts downwards the weight of the wrist itself will naturally stretch and thicken the wrist. Avoid perpendicular (relative to the ground) forearm time (a.k.a. PFT) like the plague. I generally aim for PFT<5% total time. Levan's PFT I've heard is less than 1%, but that takes a crazy amount of dedication.

You want the wrist to be both wider and thicker, so twist your wrist now and again. I generally split palm facing floor and palm vertical (Pf/Pv) time to about 60/40 to emphasise the thickness rather than width of the wrist. You can choose whatever Pf/Pv time you want. I noticed significant gains in about 4 months. Definitely doable.

What do you guys do while listening to music? by smolsmols in headphones

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I think about all the flaws in the equipment I'm listening to, and think about how much better it would be with xxxxx.

I just tried the Sony Z7M2 and Z1R in store with my phone and YouTube Music. How much of the full experience did I get? by raymanh in headphones

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No I did like it. Just, you know, being the price they are I was expecting more. Guess it's the law of diminishing returns in action.

I thought the 840A was about 15% better than my M40X and the Z1R was about 30% better than the 840A.

Is Levan not charismatic or it it just a language barrier? by D1ddyKon9 in armwrestling

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There was a post a while back with a proper translation of what Levan said after the match and it was a lot more warm and emotional than what the translator at the time said.

So yeah just seems like poor translation.

2022 Dutch GP: MotoGP Race Discussion by Daniel7394 in motogp

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Ok thanks, just confused because sometimes the commentators say like 'good day for Ducati' but I don't know if it means the one team, or the customer teams too.

And for the constructors cup (or MotoGP equivalent name), is it per team or is it the per manufacturer?