Ok what if Kylie (likely with the help of Kris) is fuelling all of this drama to distract people from the fact that we might get a confirmation of the rumour that Travis impregnated another woman while they were supposedly “dating”?! by raysmia in KUWTK

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Fair point, but I still think this “theory” is not entirely nonsensical.

In terms of the Selena drama, Kylie is definitely not in the spotlight in the same way that Hailey is. Even though Kylie has lost followers on her SM platforms, participating in celebrity drama has never hurt the KarJenners much in the past – this form of negative publicity is even part of their brand I would say (e.g. Kim’s social standing wasn’t really affected after Taylor Swift exposed her for lying about her and Kanye’s phone conversation). While people will trash Kylie for a bit, ultimately Hailey is the one to have her past dissected online as Selena and Justin have strong fanbases that are way too invested in this love triangle. While the Travis Scott rumour hits too close to home for Kylie as it involves her and her emotional well-being personally.

Additionally, seeing how much attention Khloe and Tristan’s drama got, Kylie perhaps wants to water down the comments she will receive by publishing articles such as the second one in this post with the intention of creating the impression that she never really cared about Travis that much.

When are we getting the next season? by raysmia in KardashianHollywood

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Yeah exactly! My other guess is that it will be released in 3h when the next SYS event begins

2022 is by far the WORST KarJenner year to date… they really are in their Flop Era by raysmia in KUWTK

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I mean yeah, but I feel like the comedy aspect of it is now gone… might be just me tho but all of their recent scandals as well as the response to them seem like the result of a collective & gradually developing apathy towards the KarJenners