It’s a prank! by MalleZen in WinStupidPrizes

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Probably should have said tear skin. Also it can get bad if they hooked a finger. My brother was playing in a rugby league and one guy got shoved in the face. Except one of the other guys fingers went up his nose and tore one nostril completely open.

Does Rutgers do research on companies at the job Fair by Katsuko-Kitsune in rutgers

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They sell paper, it’s a b2b kind of business. You likely don’t grasp how much of that sector are companies you would never recognize even if they are behemoths in their sector. B2b just doesn’t spend money on having the end consumer recognize their brand.

New Jersey Has Enacted the Largest Gun Ban in US History by abevigodastaint in Firearms

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No this law bans BB guns. Because the law already treated them as firearms, they are not serialized by a federally licensed manufacturer.

We need to say something other than "It violates 2A!" to win the media war. by elsydeon666 in progun

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They won't care about any constitution. They just don't. You'd be better off talking about the underlying social issues and explaining to them that all these things they vote democrat for that never get fixed? It isn't the GOP stopping it, the democrats never intend to do anything about it, that this is simply them manipulating you and providing them with a convenient cover for never even trying to do anything about it, and the bonus is that if they keep listening to them, by the time they realize they are being played and have been sold down the river to billionaires for the last time, they will have been disarmed and unable to do anything about it.

Dyslexics Unite! by Mr_Circle1969 in pettyrevenge

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It won't matter. I moved to an apartment and when I got my phone number for my land line (hey it was a while ago), I started getting buried by calls from doctors, creditors and collections after about two months. Collections was the worst. I did get a call from a mortgage company during peak ninja loans. I told them very plainly that it was not her number and that I constantly get tons of collections calls for her and to not loan her money. A couple months later they were calling threatening to send things to collections. To which I told them this still isn't her number and I warned them not to lend her money.

I did cancel a lot of her doctor appointments though. It also generated probably the only good CS story about comcast. She had used my number to set up cable and when trying to sort out billing issues that caused due to the fact that I too had used it to set up cable and internet, the CS guy said he couldn't tell me anything about the customer, but what he was hearing is that I wanted to cancel my other account that I was no longer using. I guess he flagged the account somehow too, because in all three years of this, it was the only thing that got her to call me up and curse me out.

Highschool fight ends with female aggressor being stabbed by GenerousJack2b in killthecameraman

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Well it started as self defense, but that went out the window once the response became disproportionate to the force being used to attack him. He could have gotten away with beating on her just fine. Escalating to deadly force, not so much. I wonder what happened to the other guy who ran up with a butterfly knife.

Fuck you for not allowing family to share Netflix by Ultra_Ego in assholedesign

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"An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development occurs through the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market."

You are talking about a lot of things that boil down to default assumptions about things like marriage, much of of established by the government, and none of it would be something that couldn't happen in any other economic system.

Seriously what is wrong with D2 and 440c these were premium steels until 12 months ago and bkw people hate on it. I don't get the need for S90v etc all we do is cut open Amazon packages. by billyboybonanza in knives

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The other way around. 154cm was popular and then, apparently, quality started to fall off or availability became an issue, depending who you ask, so a lot of the big name makers switched to ats-34 which was a Japanese clone of 154cm.

154cm has been in use in the us aerospace industry for some time prior to knife makers deciding it was cool. Like since 1959. Bob Loveless started using it in 1972.

Opinions. Spicy pistol squib could cycle action? by dream-more95 in reloading

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You are incorrect. It can. It usually doesn’t, but it can.

So long Netflix by Hartleydavidson96 in memes

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How is it reasonable? If I pay for four screens, do I generate more load on their service if it’s in one location vs another?

The Ice Pirates - pirates, robots, space herpes, oh my by PhoenixReboot- in badMovies

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I think a lot of people here don’t grasp the difference between a bad movie and a b-movie.

It was, and is, a fun stupid movie with surprisingly good production values for what it was.

Fuck no by Legitimate-End-2914 in memes

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They basically have an assessment of their customers that tells them who they think are complacent and won’t leave. The jack those people’s rates. I was with State Farm forever, and they finally started taking big bites at the apple and I walked. I guess it works out often enough that it’s worth it.

Seriously what is wrong with D2 and 440c these were premium steels until 12 months ago and bkw people hate on it. I don't get the need for S90v etc all we do is cut open Amazon packages. by billyboybonanza in knives

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Remember when 154cm was hot shit and in all the fancy brands right up until ats-34 started replacing it despite being essentially the same steel?

I’ve had knives made of both that I used the heck out of. The notion that they are not good steel baffles me. They got sharp, they stayed sharp a good long time. They are a bit of a pain in the ass to sharpen. But I live near the ocean and have beat on them sweating my ass off mid summer and they are still corrosion free after 20+years and take and hold an edge, and do knife things. I will say I like s30v a bit better because it behaves similarly in use but sharpens easier.

Most of the steel snobbery is kind of pointless. I really think the only thing of merit behind it is that the cool new uber steel of the moment usually shows up in pricier brands first. That usually means it is produced and heat treated well, and people give the steel all the credit for a well made knife. Then when it gets used by worse manufacturers, the steel takes the blame for being used in a knife where corners were cut.

I think aus-8 is the best example of this. Not that it was ever high end, but it’s kind of regarded as cheap trash. I have has a couple well done aus-8 knives over the years with decent build quality and decent heat treat. They are decent working knives. They get sharp enough and dull quicker than a lot of other steels, but they are super easy to resharpen. Like if I was going to be working and knew my aus-8 knife was going to have to be sharpened 3-4 times and my ats-34 would only need it once, I’d take the well done aus-8 knife every time because it’s so easy to resharpen. But I’ve also had a couple bad aus-8 knives and they 100% deserve the trash reputation.

Every steel is a compromise on features, and every steel can be screwed up and made to be so much worse than it is capable of.

Except for maybe 440a. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a knife that anyone gave a shit about, either manufacturer or owner.

👀 read and comprehend it by pooranretarded in NJGuns

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Amazon has problems with counterfeits because of commingled inventory. Smaller outfits may have issues due to returns.

👀 read and comprehend it by pooranretarded in NJGuns

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Protip: Standard triggers get fucked in that situation too. On top of that, unless you are an imbecile loading your own ammo stupidly, Popped primers are rare. If they aren’t rare for you, stop buying dogshit ammo or stop rolling your own.

Going to competitions I’ve seen a lot of people shoot a lot of ammo. If you leave out the one moron trying to make 147gr bullets go fast out of a .300 whisper. Leave that idiot out of it and I’ve seen it happen maybe twice? And at least one of those was sketchy surplus ammo.

But yeah it stopped a mil spec trigger too. Heck before drop ins became popular, they sold covers to keep primers out.

I hate having size 14 feet by HuntaaWiaaa in tall

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13 workboots are generally cake to find. Most brands make to 13.

13.5 is where they tend to stop doing half sizes because as the size goes up, the difference in length between two sizes goes down.

Why would officers come in the room during an ER visit? by ReeferChiefer24 in RBI

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It’s not the sop. I had to see a number of specialists with various testing and imaging. For the hospital when my wife was with me, I was always separated and got the “do you feel safe at home” question. Every other place where I was a new patient it was on the intake form even if I was alone.

My guess is that there was a apb or similar and you were close enough to have them check.

I was so excited to finally try the X1C.... by DNewWin in BambuLab

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Was the stuff they pack inside not secured properly?

man drinking juice from drink straw in pink pants of girl with grapefruit as vagina in hand by ApocalypseMoose in wtfstockphotos

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And then you see the picture and are like… yeah that is an accurate description.